The ‘peer to peer’ economy

explanation of a fork, or?

On the second day of Winter Camp, Denis Jaromil Rojo was asked to be a keynote speaker at the plenary session. He kept it short and just published some open source for thought.

First of all, the Rasta Soft man wanted us to contemplate the question of unrestricted distribution of media. Does this mean the end for people that are trying to make a living from creating media content?

Jaromil proceeded his poetic plea by propagating what he called a ‘Peer to Peer economy’, which he described by three statements:
-Refuse scarcity! Abundance is no longer our enemy, it is our friend.
-Refuse the big success! Don’t aim for the big audience or the big mass media, but instead connect specific communities with low cost and low latency distribution.
Our generation is looking for people that are moving outside of the stage.
-Refuse the broadcast quality! Embrace modesty, involve people and follow the vector of quality, don’t pursue its mirage. Publish the unfinished.
This workflow enables an open source publishing format, in which we can publish a sketch or something that is not completely detailed and leaves space for people to add their own perspective or content (collaboration in favor of competition).
Recycle, Re-use!