freeDimensional, Day 3, and open-space

freeDimensional had the chairs arranged in a circle and were already engaged in a passionate debate when I entered the room. The discussion was about the presentation they would give on Day 4 – the question: what is the best way to represent the group’s identity in twenty-minutes?

At first FD began by posting orange sticky-notes to the board – each with a different theme for discussion. Twenty sticky-notes later they decided they would give a brief introduction and then split into separate discussion groups. Since fD is a multi-dimensional network, by breaking into smaller groups they could better target the parts of the Winter Camp audience that share an interest in collaborative writing, education, the use of video for storytelling etc. In line with the fD’s general philosophy, they “hope to use the power of open-space as a meeting tool.”

FD wants to make clear that they are an inclusive network – “everyone is invited: artists, writers, tech people…” On Day 4 they will ask the audience to engage and raise questions. I’m enthusiastic about this approach, for as long as the crowd is willing to interact it could be a nice dialogue. They affirmed, “any type of communication can be seen as jargon”, so rather than hide behind network jargon they’ve decided they’ll open up the discussion and ‘include everyone’.