Another release by GOTO10: pure:dyne, an operating system on a USB key.

Available for only 8 euros during Winter Camp, or bring your USB stick and they will help you DIY.

From the GOTO10 website:
pure:dyne is happy to announce the release of this super-cute, super small 2gb liveUSB! Pre-loaded with the latest pure:dyne system (with 1.2gb space left over for storing your settings and files). A slick, slim, mini USB measuring just a few mm thick.

pure:dyne is an operating system developed to provide media artists with a complete set of tools for realtime audio and video processing. pure:dyne is a live distribution, you don’t need to install anything. Simply boot your computer using the live CD and you’re ready to start using software such as Pure Data, Supercollider, Icecast, Csound, Fluxus, Processing, Arduino and much much more.

pure:dyne will work on any PC laptop, desktop, and single-board computers, including the intel-based Mac, Asus’ Eee PC, and any x86 netbooks.