Workshop A3 : Open Source, Open Borders

Workshop A3 : Open Source, Open Borders

chair: Jo van der Spek (radio maker, NL)

As an introduction Jo van der Spek, brought up the 14 people (mostly women and children) that drowned recently while trying to cross the Mediterannean in a rubber boat from Morocco to Spain; a regular occurance in that area.


Roy Pullens (researcher, nl) : International Organization for Migration (IOM) and border control as info development
>> full report of Roy Pullens’s talk

Nnenna Nwakanma (Africa Civil Society for the Information Society, Nigeria; currently living in Ivory Coast) : An Anecdote of a would-be illegal immigrant
>> full report of Nnenna Nwakanma’s talk

Florian Schneider ( : presentation of Fadaiat – the sea between africa and europe
>> full report of Florian Schneider’s talk

Questions & Comments

what is state level collaboration in the fadaiat situation?
not a high level of collaboration at a national level. the nation state scandlizes the border.

inclusion/exclusion (social dimension) issues at fadaiat?

it is not really possible to get visas for people but the aim is in establishing something permanent, space, structure, events; and the privilege to cross the border will be used by those who are in that position.

documented by Andreea