RE-OUT NOW – Beautiful World – Typo-Film by Mieke Gerritzen

We are glad to announce the re-digitalization of the typo-film by Mieke Gerritzen “Beautiful World”. First published in 2006 this film traveled in DVD and fiscal booklet, after 15 years we decided it was time to preserve this masterpiece and re-publish it online.

Beautiful World is a film about a feeling that prevails the world at present. This feeling is one of joy, inspiration and refreshing innovation, but also one of being oppressed and manipulated through technology and economization. I call it a feeling because we can’t concretely define the situation: we can’t speak of left or right, black or white, text or image. It is a grey area, in which a mix of different cultures and countries, tradition and innovation, commercialism and idealism is searching for legitimacy. A world in which fusion and blending are forming an image of the future.

Considering the film was created in 2006 it still addresses today’s political and economical issues. We cannot say that our world was better or worse in the past, I mean really the past. Our position in life is just different now; the affluent West has built as much as it possibly can build and has entered an age in which innovation and entertainment are what keep the world running economically. The popularization and democratization of art, science and media demands that culture finds a new position for itself and set new goals. People continually want something new; our economic system is based on this. Products are not developed for durability; technological developments ensure innovation means necessary. And it is not only products that do not last forever: organizations are changing more rapidly as well.


Director: Mieke Gerritzen
Screenplay: Henk Oosterling, Geert Lovink, Koert van Mensvoort, Mieke Gerritzen

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