TOD #45: Overload, Creep, Excess – An Internet from India

Theory on Demand #45

Overload, Creep, Excess – An Internet from India

Nishant Shah, Ashish Rajadhyaskha, Nafis Hasan

Foreword – Chinmayi Arun

This book locates India’s flourishing internet within a complex 24-year history that has seen an unprecedented re-organization of social and political life. Three essays provide independent perspectives on a common area of inquiry, an era that witnessed a fundamental mutation of the State, its mechanisms of planning and governance, the public domain and the everyday, all mediated by digital technology, all impacting its internet. Bringing the essays together is a common timeline, which begins in the late 1970s, includes such landmarks as the Information Technology Act, the much-discussed Aadhaar biometric identification programme, the chequered career of social media, and the widespread use of internet shutdowns.


Copy editor: Sunaina Dalaya
Cover Design: Katja van Stiphout
Design and EPUB development: Tommaso Campagna and Jasmin Leech
Publisher: Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2022

ISBN print-on-demand: 9789492302922
ISBN EPUB: 9789492302939

Institute of Network Cultures
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HVA)

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