THE VOID T.V. – Tactical Video #2 [14-03-2024]

When: March 14, 2024 15:00 - 19:00

Where: HvA Benno Premselahuis / Online Rhijnspoorplein 1 1091GC Amsterdam

THE VOID T.V.  | Tactical Video #2

​​​​​​​Tactical Video (T.V.) is a hybrid event and publication series by THE VOID, a practice-based research project of the Institute of Network Cultures. ​​​​​​​

Inspired by the production and distribution methods of television, with THE VOID T.V. we are exploring the possibilities of online video streaming to create regular events. Rather than depicting events, with this series of broadcasts THE VOID will manufacture events. Bringing back the ambitions of tactical media, during these broadcasts video becomes a space for gathering, making alliances, conspiring, and creating networks of solidarity. This hybrid space is open for monthly collaborations with activists, researchers, and artists interested in exploring the tactical possibilities of video.

This second broadcast will be about 💅girly things💅: 😭sad girls✨, 🧨silly girls💎, 🌀girlbrain🔮, 💝coquette🎀, 💓femcels🧸, 🥺kawaii militarization😠, and 👯‍♀️girlbosses💀✨. Moderated by Chloë Arkenbout, featuring interviews and discussions with Mariana Fernández, Lisa Federmesser, Noura Tefeche, Jade Poolen, Mela Miekus, and Mita Medri on how THE GIRL has taken over the internet.

Also featuring:

🎀Book Launch: Interview with Morgane Billuart author of “Cycles, the Sacred and the Doomed: Inquiries in Female Health Technologies”.

🎀Tactical Media Room Palestine: Presentation by Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS).

🎀Bridge with UKRAiNATV

🎀And girly music vibes by Power Switch

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T.V. Program #2

  • [15:00] Intro by T.V. Team
  • [15:15] Tactical Media Room x BDS
  • [16:00] Cocktail Hour with Noura Tafeche by Mariana Fernández and Liza Federmesser
  • [16:50] Girl Theory with Jade Poolen, Mela Miekus, and Mita Medri
  • [17:40] Cycles, the Sacred and the Doomed by Morgane Billuart
  • [18:20] UKRAiNATV Bridge
  • […] Music Vibes by Power Switch

Join online or physically at the Hva TV Studio
@ THE VOID | HVA TV Studio-2 Rhijnspoorplein 1, 1091GC Amsterdam



Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) is a Palestinian-led movement for freedom, justice and equality. BDS upholds the simple principle that Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the rest of humanity. Israel is occupying and colonising Palestinian land, discriminating against Palestinian citizens of Israel and denying Palestinian refugees the right to return to their homes. Inspired by the South African anti-apartheid movement, the BDS call urges action to pressure Israel to comply with international law.BDS is now a vibrant global movement made up of unions, academic associations, churches and grassroots movements across the world. Since its launch in 2005, BDS is having a major impact and is effectively challenging international support for Israeli apartheid and settler-colonialism.

Mariana Fernández is an artist, writer and researcher working at the intersection of language, media and technology. She leads the ARIAS Artificial Worlds research group and is part of the Visual Methodologies Collective at the HvA and a fellow at the Algorithmic Cultures group at the Sandberg Institute.

Liza Federmesser is an artist, writer, and creative consultant specialising in fashion and its context. She is the creator and editor-in-chief of BAGMAG- a teen magazine for adult readers curious about fashion, culture and ideas.

Noura Tefeche is a visual artist and an independent scholar working in between enclyclopedic-themed drawings, installations, neologisms, laboratories and research on the subject of new media studies, philosophy of language, digital micro-cultures’ aestehtics and visual representation of speculative theories.

Jade Poolen is a curator and art historian, currently working as a junior curator at Museum Krona. She is interested in (researching) photography in the digital age and feminism, either as separate subjects or both at the same time.

Mela Miekus is currently a curator in training at the Stedelijk Museum, completing her master’s in Curating Art and Cultures (UvA). She is interested in new media art, internet aesthetics, and questions relating to identity and community formations.

Mita Medri is currently completing her Master’s degree in Design Cultures (VU). She has a background in cultural analysis and is interested in the study of medial characters, the digitally designed self, identity formation and gender performance.

Morgane Billuart  is a French writer and visual artist. She completed her studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and also pursued education at the Cooper Union in New York. Currently, she holds a research position at the Institute of Network Cultures and is enrolled in the MA Cross-Disciplinary Strategies programme in Vienna. In an era dominated by digital culture, the enthusiasm for DIY internet philosophies, and the proliferation of self-help seminars, her distinctive approach seeks to shed light on the contemporary dynamics of faith and belief formation. Her work consistently grapples with these profound themes, intricately intertwined with her identity as a woman, prompting contemplation on the roles of bodies in reshaping our comprehension of the technocratic and digital landscapes that encompass us. Morgane just published her new book “Cycles, the Sacred and the Doomed: Inquiries in Female Health Technologies” with Set Margins’.