Arts and science debate on Spectre list

On the usually quiet ‘Deep Europe’ announcement list Spectre, an ‘arts and sciences’ debate is raging. Today I added my two cents: “Why is arts & science equal to ‘bioart’? Why are the social sciences excluded in this whole debate? They are not science and who has decided this? The whole fixation on the figure of the laboratory engineer and so-called ‘hard sciences’ (read: real, not virtual) always fascinated me as to me this whole contruct is nothing but a phantasma of (certain) artists (and their funders such as Langois) dreaming up some imaginary power in society that the arts sector lost, long time ago and now projects onto so-called hard sciences.” The whole debate you can find in Spectre archive. The discussion started when ANAT director Melinda Rackham posted an announcement for a Sydney conference on the same topic, called New Constellations. On May 16 Anna Munster, who is taking an active role in the Spectre debate, will discuss the arts and science discourse in Berlin.