CD: 1000 fehler

1000 Fehler (1000 Errors)

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The audio-cd “1000 Fehler” is a composition of spoken theory-fragments by
Adilkno (Foundation of the Advancement of Illegal Knowledge/Amsterdam) and
noise-improvisations by Brüsseler Platz 10a-Musik (Cologne).

Being bored of academic culture pessimism the authors Geert Lovink, Arjen
Mulder und Lex Wouterloot (Adilkno) are dedicated to illegal knowledge.
Their books “Cracking the Movement” and “The Media Archive” are
published by Autonomedia, New York. In their last book “Elektronische
Einsamkeit” (supposé 1997) they research degenerated tendencies of the
roaring every day life in media.

In ecstasy of speculation they try out all patterns possible and even
the apocalypse is one scenario among others.

After the fascination for the evil in the 80´s, nowadays failure is the
most interesting phenomenon:

“All hope theory could bring salvation should be eliminated. Theory is not
care, nor is it a substitute for forgotten services and ideologies.”
The members of Brüsseler Platz 10a-Musik are Georg Odijk (a-musik), Jan
St. Werner (Mouse on Mars, Microstoria, Lithops) und Marcus Schmickler
(Pluramon, Wabi Sabi). In their sessions and live performances they use
generations of conventional analogue and digital consumer electronics:
Recordplayer, tape recorder, CD-Player.

The complexe material of spoken words and music was arranged and mixed by
Hajsch (Quit Artworks/Cologne). Conception and production: Klaus Sander
and Thomas Wolfertz.