Creative Commons: a license or an organization?

Yesterday I wrote a response on a posting at Joi Ito’s blog in which Creative Commons ‘presented’ a film (Teach by David Guggenheim). I didn’t go into the content of the film but raised the question what it means if CC ‘presents’ a film. Peter Howell wrote a response.

6- Geert Lovink @ February 28, 2006 06:48 AM

Dear Joi and Marcus, using Creative Commons is fine, but that’s not what the banner says. It reads: CC presents: This implies that CC is some form of organization and that it has, if not produced, at least arranged a screening and that the CC organization agrees with the content of the film. I find this confusing. CC is a license, not a statement about content. Or am I wrong? Geert

7- Peter Howell @ February 28, 2006 10:25 AM

Creative Commons is a license (or rather, a range of licenses, I believe,) … but check out the URL for the video:…

The CC “organization” is certainly endorsing the movie to some degree, seeing as how they’re hosting the site.

But yes, it is confusing. CC is a license. Not a producer.