Boardroom with a View


Over the weekend I have been to Banff, Canada, for the first ever meeting of the Banff New Media Institute advisory board. It’s early days for new director, Susan Kennard, who recently took over from the legendary Sara Diamond, who built and established this famous training and leadership instute, up in the Rocky Mountains. Susan has been Sara Diamond’s producer for many years, which make the job easier, but also a challenge, as it is harder to change direction all of the sudden. The board will meet once a year and will begin its online activities shortly. I will blog its activities here. The two days were filled with introductions, meeting the staff, touring the stunning centre and all its facilities and getting to know each other. No great plans were proposed and no grand vistas presented. According to insiders, the coming of an advisory board was long overdue and has been demanded for years. It’s here now. We’ve been appointed for two years and the group will make the most of it. More later.