Just Out: Digitofagia–Brazilian Tactical Media Anthology

It’s been such long time in the making for this publication. Amazing that it’s out now. Thanks to all the efforts of Giseli Vasconcelos (Belem) the Digitofagia tactical media anthology that Gisele edited together with Ricardo Rosas finally came out last November. Plans for this reader went back to 2004/2005. When I visited Sao Paolo, in August 2005, production details were sorted out. The publication was part of the international collaboration project between initiatives in Brazil, Europe (Waag Society & Public Netbase), and India (Sarai/Delhi and groups in Bangalore). Production got hampered because the Brazilian networks had no bank account and were not an official NGO. Then, all of the sudden, Ricardo Rosas, died on April 11, 2007. Work on the anthology had been completed by then, except for some issues at the Radical Livros publishing house. His death was such a shock for all of us. Thanks to Gisile the funds that already had been transferred could eventually be recovered and the book could go into print. Unfortunately, I do not read Portuguese. However, reading through the table of content you get a pretty good idea what it is all about: net art, politics of sampling, collective action, cyberfeminism, a critique of ICT4D and the government Pontos de Cultura program, just to mention a few. The preface I wrote can be found here in my txt archive. Paul Keller, who was involved in it on behalf of the Waag, blogged about the appearance of the book as well. You can download the book from his site.