Two Talks at re:publica 2010 in Berlin

I am giving two talks at the German bloggers event re:publica. On Thursday morning April 15 I will speak ideas and projects related to critical internet culture; on Friday I will do a lecture at a related event (re:campaign) about net activist strategies in the age of Web 2.0. There was some confusion about it at first, but both talks will be in English. You can follow the talks through a live stream on the conference website.

Here is the abstract of the first talk:

Politics of Internet Culture–Ideas and Projects

With Carr, Lanier and Schirrmacher we can witness a ‘neurological turn’ in Web 2.0 criticism. But how useful is it to blame the human brain for the current panic around information overload? What do the critique of ideology and discourse analysis have to say about social networking sites and what has the ‘multitude’ got to say about Google? Is the answer a boycott aka self restraint? Why is ‘info diet’ the most common answer to hyped up gadgets? German media theory, where are you? It is enough to leave Web 2.0 to the class of complaining bloggers? What research and critical concepts are in the making that, for instance, analyze search engines and Wikipedia?