Join the Facebook Exodus on May 31!

I certainly plan to join the Facebook exodus. I am confident a lot of  others will do so as well. It was just a matter of time, waiting for the right moment. Now it’s there: Monday May 31 and it’s called Quit Facebook Day.

I don’t think it is necessary to, again, list all the arguments against the policies of this corporation. Just read through the campaign website. Where to start? If you are in doubt, for instance read the latest entry of Nicholas Carr on his Rough Type blog.

After that I am keen to discuss alternatives like Crabgrass (developed by, Diaspora and perhaps even Ning (as a commercial in-between stage for the addicts–kick that habbit!), and many other applications and platforms that are out there.

Social networking is a cultural logic, a skill (in certain stages)–and a menace (in this time and age). It’s going to be a good thing that social networking  will  evolve from large corporate platforms to flexible, scalable tools. This happened to blogs before as well (think of the move by many from and Blogspot to WordPress). Let’s fragment the monopolies into  mille plateaux!