Reviews and other material related to Networks Without a Cause

I won’t post each and every article or reference to the release of my book on this blog. Instead I will try to list them here. Here is my first attempt to collect the online material until July 2012. The German edition will be out by late August.

– Review of Simona Lodi for The Huftington Post.

Anne Helmond’s notes for her presentation during the Amsterdam book launch.

– Video of the Turin presentation of the Italian translation, June 13, 2012.

– Review of fellow media theoristJussi Parikka entitled Critique with a Cause.

– Review of my HvA colleague Theo Ploeg, in Dutch, written for the collaborative “frnkfrt” blog on critical theory.

Mihaela Buna in Bookslut.

– Skype interview for postcast of Anna Farmary (UK), Show 380: Critique on Effect of Social Media.

– Review of Alex Juhasz on her blog and reposted on mediacommons.