# Incommunicado 05

This site is a record of a conference about information technology for development, that was held in Amsterdam in June 2005. The approach of the conference was to mix many approaches and viewpoints to understand this working towards a critical survey of the current state of ‘info-development’, also known as the catchy acronym ‘ICT4D’ (ICT for development). Until quite recently, most computer networks and ICT expertise were located in the North, and info-development mostly involved rather technical matters of knowledge and technology transfer from North to South. While still widely talked about, the assumption of a ‘digital divide’ that follows this familiar geography of development has turned out to be too simple. Instead, a more complex map of actors, networked in a global info-politics, is emerging.

Here you will find: the programmeessential readings, a <http://www.networkcultures.org/weblog/archives/IncommunicadoReader.pdf>pdf of the incommunicado reader, and video footage of interviews with the speakers; a record of the blog produced live as a response to the sessions; information on the ideas and organisers behind the events, and resources for contextualising what went on, such as suggested readings and papers produced by the incommunicado research team. All material is free for re-use in not-for profit contexts such as education.

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