Urgent Publishing Toolkit

This page collects the tools and methods that the three groups developed during the two-year research project Making Public.

Further descriptions and the rationale behind the results can be found in Here and Now? Explorations in Urgent Publishing: https://networkcultures.org/makingpublic/urgentpublishing/

The Periodicals Group



Parazine is a tool that allows you to recontextualize existing academic content. It scrapes the content from an online academic journal of your choice and allows you to create a ‘zine’ from this content. You, the source journal and the tool all provide certain inputs. The resulting publication needs to be printed to be readable. You can make a publication for yourself, but also consider creating it for others (e.g. as a reader).

The Parazine prototype can be run from here: https://periodical.networkcultures.org/

The Parazine code is disseminated on GitHub: https://github.com/DigitalPublishingToolkit/parazine

The Platforms Group



Platform-2-Platform is a tool that combines an algorithmic matching system and human editorial expertise to create relevant recommendations for further reading across a network of independent publishers.

Platform-2-Platform code is disseminated on GitHub: https://github.com/DigitalPublishingToolkit/platform-2-platform

Platform-2-Platform Frontend code is disseminated on GitHub: https://github.com/DigitalPublishingToolkit/platform-2-platform-frontend

The matching algorithm: https://networkcultures.org/makingpublic/2020/04/17/platform-2-platform-the-matching-algorithm/

The Stand Alone Group



Upside Down Inside Out is a manual for authors and editors who are fairly new to the possibilities of digital publishing and is meant to guide them in exploring the relational potential of their content.

A pdf of the manual called Upside Down Inside Out can be downloaded here: Upside-Down-Inside-Out-Manual

The Twine extension code is disseminated on GitHub, find more on the specifics here: https://github.com/DigitalPublishingToolkit/twinejs

The running version of the Twine extension can be found here: https://stand-alone.networkcultures.org/twine