Morphic minds is a mercurial school exploring artificiality and intelligence, locality and cosmos, language and poetry. We address the poetic and metaphorical interplay between notions of mind/intelligence and artificiality/technology. An inquiry on existent philosophies of both terms (artificiality and intelligence), while looking at ways artists, poets, and/or sci-fi writers establish novel configurations that go beyond them.

Morphic Minds started years ago with the institution of a network [Institute of Network Cultures] which, through its constant inner workings in expansion and retraction, presented to us the first metaphor of an infinitely morphic organism. In 2022 that plastic infinity was explored by two of its enmeshed subjects who spent months talking about the landscapes they carry within, their mental and poetic baggage, their intellectual backgrounds and their curiosity for other possible forms of coming bodies, minds, human or non-human arriving from the future and from the past. These curiosities found a point of convergenceĀ  and became a very rewarding series of conversations that we wish to open to our public.