F. C. Zuke

The Ruling Class Has an Idea

The Ruling Class Has an Idea is a long vertorama comprised of screenshots captured by someone researching the current NFT craze. The work is meant to be scrolled through by viewers from top to bottom. A narrative emerges through this form of viewing as the researcher follows links to discover those who might gain the most from the NFT sensation.

F. C. Zuke is an interdisciplinary artist working in sound, video, installation, computer programming, digital imaging, and interactive media. His practice investigates systems of belief and the epistemologies behind dominant and trending psychological structures. He currently lives in Oxford, Mississippi where he teaches courses in video, sound, digital imaging, creative coding, and other forms of expanded media. He has collaborated with artists, musicians, choreographers, historians, and curators and is deeply interested in works of art that are fueled by the skills, lived experiences, and passions of multiple creators