SuMa Awards 2009

The SuMa-eV and the German Association of Internet Portals (BDIP) will award the SuMa Awards 2009, that have been established in 2007. It is their aim to question the role of search engines as the gatekeepers to information in our modern society. The awards address all members of society: artists, scientists, journalists, parents, teachers – everyone who has something to say about the way search engines shape their information environment is welcome to send in contributions. The organisers want to encourage people to think about the importance of our information environment and what this means for the future. With these awards the hosts intend to provoke innovative approaches to all aspects of search engines and thus accept contributions in any form and from anyone. 

Feel free to contribute at

SuMa Awards in short: 

Any format, any topic 
2000-3000 EUR per award 
Final submission: 30 June 2009 
Awards ceremony: 10 September 2009