Search Engines

General search engines Also available: the DuckDuckGo browser. (Chinese) (Russian) is no longer online after being acquired by IBM Watson and shut down

Children’s Search Engines (Dutch) (English)

Metasearch engines – returns the most relevant search results from leading search engines – returns clustered search results, grouping them into categories – shut down – a social search engine which let you socialize with other people on the basis of common search queries

Real-time search engines – a social search engine that follows and tracks conversations on Twitter; also offers social analytics and trends – shut down – was first launched in 2008 as a search engine and was acquired by Walmart in September 2011, when it shut down its search portal, focusing on ads network – shut down – Scoopler is no longer running as the developers have been contracted to work on Google+ (source: Wikipedia) – shut down – an “under the hood” Google search engine for developers and programmers – a multimedia search engine – shut down in 2011

Visual search engines – experimental search by uploading image or by sketch – reverse image search engine – metaphorical search engine, returns results that are conceptually related to the search

Other search engines– academic research engine
– duplicates search engine, detects plagiarism of web pages – art search engine – shut down due to limited usage – allowed users to select which search engines to grab results from – shut down – extensive search engine which indexed more web pages than other search engines. – a meta search engine which queries for pictures, videos and even music related to the search terms – US & Canada parking spots location based search engine

Peer2Peer search engines

Mobile search engines – image recognition search engine – augmented reality type of search engine – social news reader for smartphones – Aardvark is now shut down – it was based on questions and answers knowledge in an IM style interface

Vertical search engines (specialized on a topic) – search Furman University and beyond – search for architectural content – visual music search engine – web search engine by Microsoft (should be in a general section?)

Search engine with visual/logical navigation of results (other than plain list of results) – social tagging search engine – shut down – visual experience search engine – shut down – a 3D search engine with a jukebox look – a meta search engine with a visual interface – a search engine that displays the results in the shape of a 3d cube – shut down – an academic search engine with website preview – a visual search engine that queries Amazon, Ebay, Flickr, Fotolia and others in an interactive graphic interface – website preview based search engine – wikipedia visualization search engine – shut down – shut down their search engine feature – metasearch engine which records users’ search history and allows deeper access to the web pages

Foreign search engines – Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan – Philippines – Australia – Japan – United States and Canada – Korea – Philippines – Israel – Japan – Iceland – Hungary – Slovenia – Korea – Russia – India – Portugal, Angola, Cabo Verde, Mozambique – Romania – Switzerland – Norway, Sweden – Czech Republic

People search

Semantic search engines – business oriented semantic search engine – shut down – the domain redirects to – refined results search engine

Music – became – a daily playlist website

Research and experimental search engines – currently offline, search function does not work, but their Facebook page says they will release a new version soon – shut down – personalized search results on the basis of search and web history – curated, categorized results

Social search engines – knowledge sharing service –  torrent files website and portal – shut down

Natural language search engines shut down – personalized recommendations

Document search engines

Privacy safe search engine – migrating, service coming back soon

Kids and religious search engines – content filter and safe search browsing – shut down

Art related

Keywords suggestion search engine – shut down

Charity search engines – search engine which donates whenever it is used

Open source search engines