coordinator: Rob van Kranenburg

I Network description
A distributed network for global and local development of generic infrastructures incrementally developed by communities.

A global platform to investigate the new loop of open content, software and hardware for community applications, bringing people together with new technologies and distributed connectivity, unlike the dominant focus of IT industry on security, surveillance and monopoly of information and infrastructures.

At the moment we are discussing organizational protocols and creating a set of HOWTOs and WHYTOs, so this website is in a development stage in which people that feel related to the spirit of the project are very welcome to join us. The most alive space of our project is currently the mailing list

II Main goal for this event in relation to the Bricolabs network
We will focus on four projects:

1) technical- bricophone and generic infrastructures
We will work on the further development of open source hardware like the bricophone, and on building formats of knowledge and making of generic applications, and standards (green hardware labels)

2) disruptive situations – mapping massgraves/meaningful locative applications
Formats of finding, uploading and creating zones of comfort for family of victims of mass graves. Scenarios for mediation.

3) ways of working and presenting – website, bricoformats
How can (dis)organized networks build a history and a sense of urgency in common problems and projects. What push and pull formats are suitable?

4) scenarios for content and context: gincana
The context of bricolabs, as a test bed for projects worldwide.
We are aiming for coherent story in the global context of bricolabs and karachi, bandung, jogja, sao paulo so that we can deduct logical projects : conferences, platforms, devices -cardboard computer, bricophone, open source medical equipment, ways of working, frames of organization, laboratory research, and a lab routine.

Ideas for evening program (optional)
Brico diners, brunches and music.

III Participants

jean noël montagné / france
matt ratto / canada
james wallbank / uk
philippe langlois / france
victoria sinclair / uk
patrick humphreys / uk
vanessa gocksch / colombia
venzha christiawan / indonesia
rob van kranenburg / nl
felipe fonseca / brazil
alejandro duque / switzerland
armin medosch / uk

Bio Coordinator
Rob van Kranenburg went to Amsterdam to work as programmer on media education at the centre for culture and politics de Balie and as teacher-coordinator of the new media program in the Film and Television Studies Department at the University of Amsterdam. Feeling it was to young a field to predominantly historize it, he moved to Doors of Perception and co-programmed with John Thackara Doors 7, Flow, the design challenge of pervasive computing. In 2003 he mentored a postgraduate course in performance, theatre and the arts at APT, Arts Performance Theatricality. Currently he work as Head of Programme at Waag Society, Amsterdam.