coordinator: Aymeric Mansoux

1 Network description, past, present and future perspectives
2 Participants, names, countries where they are coming from
3 Coordinator
4 Main goal for this event in relation to your network
4.1 art.deb
4.2 people.makeart
4.3 GOSUB10
4.4 Documentation
5 Ideas for evening program (optional)

1 Network description, past, present and future perspectives
GOTO10 is an international collective of artists, focussed on the new artistic practices linked to the integration of open networks and free culture in digital arts.
The group is distributed and self-organised. In GOTO10, circularity, heterarchy and lazy consensus are key in the development and sustain-ability of projects. The collective sets itself as a decentralised laboratory and creative sandbox in which numerous projects and experiments are explored. This form of research is led freely and spontaneously, while at the same time, symbiotic relationship are encouraged with other groups, organisations, institutions and networks around the world.

At the moment, GOTO10’s most visible projects are:

_ pure:dyne, a GNU/Linux operating system developed and created by
artists for artists. Supported by Arts Council England, the system is
also used in various (Media|Hack|Art)Lab in Europe and the rest of
the world.
_ _make art_, a yearly festival produced and supported by the collective
members. The Festival aims to be a platform for artists and practition-
ers to re_ect and exchange on the nature of the relationship between
FLOSS and Art.
_, a new, free (as in ad-free, free speech and free beer
all together) hosting for artists looking for a place to develop their
software project.
_ beerNET, a cosy IRC network specially setup for artists looking for
a non restricted chat environment friendly to bots, scripts and clones.
The network is also inhabited by other communities (openlab,,
placard,. . . ). irc://, irc://, irc://,
_ FLOSS+Art, the _rst book edited by GOTO10 and published by
Openmute. 320 pages on the artistic, economic, social and political
links between FLOSS and Art.
_ Workshops: GOTO10 has a long history of leading, organising and
creating content for workshops ranging from Physical Computing to
Data Bending.

All these projects are conducted and developed remotely. We meet all together only twice a year: during the _make art_ festival and another time for IRL exchange, housekeeping and sandbox cleaning.

2 Participants, names, countries where they are coming from
There will be 10 artists in total representing GOTO10 in the winter camp.

They are:
_ Rob Canning (will be travelling from London, UK)
_ Heather Corcoran (will be travelling from London, UK)
_ Anton Galanopoulos (will be travelling from Athens,Greece)
_ Karsten Gebbert (will be travelling from California, USA)
_ Claude Heiland-Allen (will be travelling from London, UK)
_ Jan-Kees van Kampen (will be travelling from Amsterdam, Netherlands)
_ Chun Lee (won’t be travelling from Taipei, Taiwan), but is still cool!
_ Aymeric Mansoux (will be travelling from Hoorn Netherlands)
_ Marloes de Valk (will be travelling from Hoorn Netherlands)
_ Thomas Vriet (will be travelling from Poitiers, France)

3 Coordinator
Aymeric Mansoux
4 Main goal for this event in relation to your network
GOTO10 has been actively engaging with the development and advocacy
of FLOSS+Art since 2004. Through out this time, it has acted as an open
platform where many ideas were sprouted and exchanged. However, due
to the limited resources, not all ideas had the chances to evolve equally.
As a result, we would like to take the opportunity of the winter camp to
revisit some of these interesting ideas we had, and develop them further. For
example, we intend to follow up on:
4.1 art.deb
This will be a experimental software art repository utilising apt-get, the
package management system of Debian. The objective of this project comes
in two folds: the _misuse_ of the packaging system itself,as well as _nding
ways to distribute software art e_ectively. This project will use pure:dyne
( as the working platform.
4.2 people.makeart
It essentially consists of a database where FLOSS art projects can be sub-
mitted and archived. Through a web portal, people thus can easily search for
projects (according to various categories) and retrieve their relevant details.
We already had the basis of the project planned previously, we now need to
focus on developing the necessary back-end to support the functionality of
the project.
4.3 GOSUB10
This is intended to be a net-label project, focusing on music created using
100% FLOSS tools. Like people.makeart, the basis of the project has already
been set up clearly in the past, we just need an opportunity to work on the
practical elements of the project.
4.4 Documentation
As always, there are more documentations that can be written. As a result,
we would also like to make time and dedicate ourselves to write documenta-
tions that might be useful to others. For instance, some GOTO10 software
projects (such as Pdlua, pure:dyne) can still bene_t from having a more com-
plete documentation. We also have plans for a series of documentation based
modular courses with subjects ranging from generic Linux skill to Pure Data.
Some of these documentations will be articulated using a generic work-_ow
template that we have been willing to develop for a while, more particularly
in the scope of merging workshops content and artistic practice.
5 Ideas for evening program (optional)
Since most of the ideas we intend to work on during the winter camp has open
collaborative nature, we would like to use the evening program to demon-
strate the systems we have been developing during the day to other partic-
ipants/networks. This would encourage valuable feedback for us, as well as
making new possibilities on working with others. For example, we could be
demonstrating the work in progress of the back-ends for _people make art_
and _GOSUB10_. Furthermore, we could also seek out software art contents
for _art.deb_ from other networks if this is relevant.