coordinator: Ton Roosendaal

I Network Description
extract from site:
“The Blender Foundation is an independent organization (a Dutch “stichting”), acting as a non-profit public benefit corporation, with the following goals:

* To establish services for active users and developers of Blender
* To maintain and improve the current Blender product via a public accessible source code system under the GNU GPL license
* To establish funding or revenue mechanisms that serve the foundation’s goals and cover the foundation’s expenses
* To give the worldwide Internet community access to 3D technology in general, with Blender as a core
* To facilitate the open source Blender projects.

Blender is an open source software package for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, and gaming. Initially developed by Ton Roosendaal’s company NaN in the Netherlands, its popularity, and capabilities, have grown over the years. There is a large and active user base with ongoing development by dedicated hackers, making Blender a powerful and viable 3D software solution.”

II Main goal during Winter Camp
Blender is migrating to a major new release (2.5) with a completely revised architecture for events and tools handling. The impact of this work on especially the user interface, and how to structure and design the various editors in Blender, is difficult to oversee. Getting a core team of developers and artists together for the Winter Camp session will help us enormously with that task.

Initial topics for sessions:

– 2.5 architecture review
– Paradigms for constructing UIs
– UI Design proposal reviews
– Python API redesign for both standard UIs are extensions
– Next-gen animation tools
– Related tasks for open movie “Durian”
– Roadmap/scheduling and tasks

See also the wiki log on the current work on:

III Participants
– Andrea Weikert, Germany
– Campbell Barton, Australia
– Jean-Luc Peurriere, France
– Matt Ebb, Australia
– Martin Poirier, Canada
– Nathan Letwory, Finland
– William Reynish, Denmark
– Brecht van Lommel, Belgium
– Ton Roosendaal, NL