Workshop Hacking the Cardboard on Thursday

Get started Thursday with the world’s smallest 3D user generated offline community.

Het Harde Potlood (The Hard Pencil) will give an old school cut ‘n paste workshop. We will be turning trash into space and avatars, conjuring up a network of ideal working environments.

Materials: cardboard, plastic, bottle caps, rope, tape, etc. *
Duration: 2 hours
Number of participants: max. 20
* ) all material is available at the spot, but don’t hesitate to bring stuff along.

Het Harde Potlood is an Amsterdam-based artist collective, founded in 2006. The members are: Richtje Reinsma, Roosmarijn Schoonewelle and Heleen Wiemer. We make installations, performances, wall drawings, decors and illustrations. In our collaboration, we explore the way in which we can connect our contrasting ideas and styles. The work process is often visibly part of the final work.