Genderchangers: wtF


During Winter Camp, The Genderchangers network planned to figure out their identity, work on a manifesto, a slogan and a new website. Today, during their final presentations, it seemed the Genderchangers almost finished their todo list. They now know what they are; the Genderchangers are wtF and super cool!

They prented us with their manifesto, in the form of a movie and also started on improving their website. On top of this, they created buttons and t-shirts. It seemed they had a very productive week, in which they strengthened their network ties and identity.

The Genderchangers Manifesto : wtF
Women, Technology and Freedom
Genderchangers have a critical curiosity about technology.
Genderchangers know stuff.
Genderchangers have attitude!
We rock. We are super cool. We are really sexy. We are fun.

Winter Camp

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