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Design my Privacy

Your privacy is under pressure. Sometimes it appears as if the computer knows exactly what our needs are, or what we are looking for. We click, we like and app to our hearts content. The Internet knows exactly who we are and gives us all kinds of free information. But behind the smart products and [...]

MoneyLab#2: Economies of Dissent

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Temporary Marriages in a Blockchain City

              A short review from Blockchain City workshop organised as part of Design and The City Conference 19 – 22 April 2016 http://designandthecity.eu/programme/lab-of-labs/blockchain-city/ http://designandthecity.eu/ Last week I got married in Amsterdam, twice in fact. The marriages were part of a demonstration to show how smart contracts and blockchain technology [...]

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Kaartverkoop De Kunst van de Kritiek #2 nu gestart

DE KUNST VAN DE KRITIEK #2 De kritiek in de wereld, de wereld in de kritiek 26 mei 2016 De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam 10:00 - 18:00 uur Kaartverkoop: hier Geautomatiseerde beeldherkenning, bottum-up podcastnetwerken, YouTube-critici en real-timedialogen tussen critici en lezers; de kunstkritiek is haar plek in de wereld aan het herdefiniëren. Digitale technologie verlegt de [...]

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Net.art and beyond, an interview with Daniel G. Andújar

The Delicate Mix between Technology, Politics and Aesthetics Interview with Daniel G. Andújar For the sexy, full multi-media version, go here: http://www.onlineopen.org/the-delicate-mix-between-technology-politics-and-aesthetics By Geert Lovink In April 2015 I had the honour to receive a private tour by the Spanish artist Daniel G. Andújar of his solo show, Operating System, at the Museo Nacional Centro [...]

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INTERVIEW | Olia Lialina, 20 years MBCBFTW

My Boyfriend Came Back From the War, Html, frames, 1996, Olia Lialina, image MU Twenty years ago, my father came back home from work and brought the first computer into our living room. It was a big beige box with a flickering screen on which we could type and paint. Around the same year, in 1996, [...]