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Data Production Labour – an investigative discussion with the Institute of Human Obsolescence

On November 10 the Institute of Human Obsolescence (IoHO) founded by artist and activist Manuel Beltrán, organized a discussion in the context of the Data Production Labor series to investigate the hidden dynamics behind our data work. There were three installations on show that visualized data labor in different ways. IoHO is an artistic research [...]

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The Poverty of Praxis and the Web

I’m jotting down some quick notes on what seems to have become an obsessive thought: the relationship between poiesis and praxis, as understood by Hannah Arendt in The Human Condition. In broad strokes: poiesis means fabrication, it is the activity of the homo faber, the craftman (be them an engineer or a sculptor); praxis means Read the rest

Making Public - Pressing Matters in Publishing.

Algorithmic Arrogance: Data-Analysis Tools for Digital Publishing and Their Politics

Enlarge impact. Enhance sales. Spot talent. Get cited. Build communities. Read freely. Analyze complexities. These are just some of the promises made by the recent wave of software built to facilitate (digital) publication. New media have always carried the promise of liberation and emancipation of (networks of) individual users from societal norms in ‘real life’, [...]

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Pluralism in Digital Communities–Interview with Geert Lovink

Download as PDF Interview for the Plural think tank (https://plural.world/) In: Pluralism in Digital Communities–September 2018 Report Interviews and Analysis Participants: Emily Bitze, Jessa Lingel, Geert Lovink, Karl Schroeder, Alexandra Stiver, Clare Sullivan, Violette Suquet Analysis by Christophe Bruchansky & Shane Saunderson Christophe Bruchansky: In your 2016 book Social Media Abyss: Critical Internet Cultures and [...]

MoneyLab considers interventions in and experiments with digital economy.

Documentation of Flying Money online

In May 2018 the Institute of Network Cultures co-organized the Flying Money Conference together with the city of Amsterdam. This European conference had a unique nature and scope. It brought people together from a wide range of backgrounds –  civil servants, scientists, engineers, journalists,  artists, bankers and entrepreneurs – to discuss topics related to the [...]