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Session – Documentary Filming: Digitisation, Pitching and Autorship

There are several questions that appear in our mind when we think about documentary filming: Is there a current culture or trend? Who are the main dominant players? Who decides what gets made and what does not within documentary films? Who owns the film? It is mentionable that there are two main changes since the [...]

MyCreativity Sweatshop: A reality check on the creative industries.

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Sven Lütticken’s Contribution to the Autonomy Session

(because he got ill and wasn’t able to attend the event, here is Sven Lütticken ‘s contribution to the autonomy session during MyCreativity Sweatshop, Trouw Amsterdam, November 20,  2014) Autonomy MyCreativity Sweatshop By Sven Lütticken The introductory statement for this panel opposed l’art pour l’ art, which was equated with autonomy, with the creative industries, [...]

In what way can a platform be created with new tools for open source-publishing?

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Building My Highlights

This is a short overview of the process of building a proof-of-concept application. Requirements shifted during the development of the project which, combined with a lot of uncertainty regarding the datasources to be used, partly explains the technical exploratory process and the way the final proof-of-concept was developed. My Highlights was conceived as a mobile [...]

Coining Alternatives

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MoneyLab at the Dutch Design Week

The MoneyLab team and the Design Thinkers Group is organising a design battle in March 2015. In preparation of this battle, we are organising a (invite only) prototype design fiction brainstorm this Monday the 20th at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. What does money look like in 2030? We realize our current financial system [...]

Online video and the moving image.

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Video Vortex #10: Art, Activism & Archives – 31.10 – 1.11 in Istanbul

Video Vortex #10:  Art, Activism & Archives  Round Table , Talks, Discussions & Screenings 31 October & 1 November in Istanbul Archive Bootcamp 3 & 4 November in Ankara Video Vortex #10 opens on Friday October 31 at Salt Beyoglu with a film program showing Natalie Bookchin’s Long Story Short, Rabih Mrouré’s Pixelated Revolution and Peter Snowdon’s The Uprising. [...]