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Verschenen: 40, Een fictief smartphone-essay over vriendschap

In samenwerking met De Internet Gids – online pendant van Nederlands oudste literaire tijdschrift – is het experimentele e-boekje 40 verschenen. Een fictief essay, speciaal geschreven om gelezen te worden op de smartphone. Het is de derde editie in de reeks DIG Cahiers, die bestaat uit nieuwe, literaire publicaties van Nederlandse bodem. Ieder werk is [...]

Welcome to the Entreprecariat

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#JOBS by Juliette Cezzar

This contribution by Juliette Cezzar is part of the special issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine on the Entreprecariat. Read it here and download it for free as PDF or EPUB.

From Cryptowars to Lessons of Love: Contesting Capture Technology

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Doomsday: The Internet of Things goes Supernova

  The tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction _ William Blake by Patricia de Vries On Exitism While you’ve been busy salting away a handful of pennies you made in the gig economy, while working a third shift in unpaid digital and emotional labor, there have been rising whispers amongst immensely [...]

Fear and Loathing of the Online Self: a savage journey into the heart of digital cultures.

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The Mutant Cute: Meitu, the Selfie, and the Rewriting of Global Identities

Author: Patrick Lichty In technologically-enabled society, the selfie has become the intersection between digital narcissism and fungible identity. Famous images of throngs with their backs to famous paintings and presidential candidates underscore the necessity for proving one’s existence through tagging the moment with the photographer’s face. However, with the rise of “augmentation” (AR-based props and [...]

Web search and search engines

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Degoogling Android: a practical how-to by Paul Sulzycki

We are happy to share Paul Sulzycki’s work on ‘degoogling Android’. Original can be found here. A talk explaining some theory and then the practical elements behind regaining control over your Android device at DCTRL in Vancouver last December. The key topic was how to remove as much Google and manufacturer bloatware from Android phones [...]

blog by geert lovink

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Critique of Social Media–Interview with Geert Lovink (in Russian, for Coltra)

Original: https://www.colta.ru/articles/society/15900 Conducted via Skype by Dmitri Lebedev (August 31, 2017) Герт Ловинк: «Платформы типа Facebook — это трагический момент» Знаменитый теоретик соцсетей — о гибельной централизации платформ и о том, как нам искать спасение в локализме, замедлении и «цифровой тени» текст: Митя Лебедев 14 сентября в Екатеринбурге начнется IV Уральская индустриальная биеннале — центральное событие [...]

Art, Work, and Identity in an Age of Planetary-Scale Computation

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State Machines: art, work and identity in an age of planetary-scale computation

The Institute of Network Cultures is part of State Machines, featuring projects on art, work, and identity in an age of planetary-scale computation. Today, we live in a world where every time we turn on our smartphones, we are inextricably tied by data, laws and flowing bytes to different countries, in which every personal expression [...]