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Listen to the new episode of INC’s podcast Zero Infinite on Listing Technologies

Listen to the third episode of the podcast of the Institute of Network Cultures, in which Miriam Rasch and Geert Lovink discuss the politics of the database with Kenneth Werbin and Nikos Voyiatzis, zooming in on the power of listing technologies and the need to crack open the list. Want to know more? Check out [...]

Fear and Loathing of the Online Self: a savage journey into the heart of digital cultures.

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By: Alessandro Acciai The romanticism, the long awaited moment when one can finally taste the pleasure, and the intimacy in which it is consumed, today seem to be old-fashioned. It doesn’t matter how much love or goodwill has been put to practice, what matters is only that the result is beautiful, desirable, able to ignite [...]

Een online toekomst voor kunst- en cultuurkritiek

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Meld je aan voor Cross Critique: Onderzoekslabo visuele kritiek

Papieren kritiek over kunst, is dat niet heel erg 20e eeuw? Van 13 tot 17 mei 2017 biedt rekto:verso (B), i.s.m. Domein voor Kunstkritiek (NL) en Institute of Network Cultures (NL), een onderzoekslabo aan voor acht critici, vloggers, videasten… op het Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussel. Samen experimenteren we, vanuit het bezoek aan voorstellingen, met nieuwe mogelijke [...]

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Techno-Reue in der Hyperrealität (in: mondediplomatique.de)

https://monde-diplomatique.de/artikel/!5390843 Die Ernüchterung über das Internet ist eine Tatsache: Aufklärung bringt uns nicht Befreiung, sondern Depression. Die einst märchenhafte  Aura, die unsere geliebten Apps, Blogs und so­zia­len Medien umgab, hat sich aufgelöst. Swipen, Teilen und Liken fühlt sich an wie seelenlose Routine. Wir haben zwar schon angefangen, uns zu entfreunden und zu entfolgen (unfollow), aber [...]

Video Vortex XI — Video in Flux: Art, Activism & Archives

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Video Vortex XI Kochi conference report now available

23 – 26 February 2017, Kochi, India. Download the conference report here. Video technology has radically altered the ways in which we produce, consume and circulate images, influencing the aesthetics and possibilities of moving image cultures, as well as yielding a rich body of scholarship across various disciplines. Given its ease of access and use, [...]

MoneyLab#3: Failing Better

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Unpacking Micropayments Part 2: User Base Dichotomies, and a Cyberpunk Sensibility

“Our new technologies have fractal effects that can be observed on global levels, societal levels, and individual levels. Consider the environmental effect of high-tech manufacturing; consider conflict minerals going into so many laptops; consider the effect the ubiquity of smartphones has on geopolitical discourse; on national discourse. Consider where the American stock market would be [...]

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Collage Craft – Recombining Professional Aspirations

Recently, Michele Galluzzo and I were invited to run a five days workshop on Design Research and Criticism at CFP Bauer in Milan. We decided to employ the techniques and traditions of collage and décollage as a lens to understand –and ideally rethink– the way graphic designers look at their own practice. Our proposal was Read the rest