MoneyLab#3: Failing Better

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Liberating Academic Papers from Behind their Paywalls

“Forcing academics to pay money to read the work of their colleagues? Scanning entire libraries but only allowing the folks at Google to read them? Providing scientific articles to those at elite universities in the First World, but not to children in the Global South? It’s outrageous and unacceptable.”             [...]

Updates from the INC

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New INC Longform: A Dream Of An Algorithm by Agnieszka Zimolag

‘As I walk towards my home at night a wet surface of the pavement glitters in all shades of black, reminding me that I am surfing. Not just on the street, but on the endless glassy surface of the interface of this world. This is where I belong. The warmth of the reflection entangles me, [...]

blog by geert Lovink

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Launch of online version of the Amsterdam Radio Collection (1991)

By Geert Lovink and Bart Schut URL: We’re proud to present a sample of the Amsterdam free radio sounds from the early 1990s. It is a collection of audio cassettes, compiled in 1991, which we’ve digitized, and uploaded to The URL: The background of this audio collection is the following. In Summer 1991 [...]

From Cryptowars to Lessons of Love: Contesting Capture Technology

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When Fungus punched Anthropos in the Gut: On Crap, Fish-eating Trees, Rhizomes and Organized Networks

  By Patricia de Vries   I meant to write about death, only life came breaking in as usual _V.W.   It all started with a Beagle dog falling into a pit of crap. As it often does, incidentally. It was a warm summer day somewhere in the early 1980s in a forest in British Columbia. [...]

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INTERVIEW | Lindsay Howard, Temporary Highs

I am slightly anxious to post this interview on my blog. My questions could have been sharper, I wonder if Lindsay will be okay with the interview, and hope that it gets more than 7 likes on Facebook. Is anyone going to read it anyway? At the same time, I am very happy that I [...]