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On the #MarielleMultiplica Action in Brazil

By Isabel Löfgren (Stockholm) The October 2018 presidential elections in Brazil saw the rise of an extreme-right candidate due to several strategies, but there are equally many counter-movements that took place in the electoral period. One of these counter-movements is the action #MarielleMultiplica which went viral after a series of street protests for human rights, [...]

Making Public - Pressing Matters in Publishing.

Torrent-like Publishing

As part of the initial material contribution to the platform topic of the Making Public! RAAK project, and specifically thinking about networked publishing, I immediately focused on the recent new wave of peer 2 peer, decentralized technologies that took shape in the last few years, and about the possibility of publishing in a torrent-like fashion. [...]

Welcome to the Entreprecariat

The Poverty of Praxis and the Web

I’m jotting down some quick notes on what seems to have become an obsessive thought: the relationship between poiesis and praxis, as understood by Hannah Arendt in The Human Condition. In broad strokes: poiesis means fabrication, it is the activity of the homo faber, the craftman (be them an engineer or a sculptor); praxis means Read the rest

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Pluralism in Digital Communities–Interview with Geert Lovink

Download as PDF Interview for the Plural think tank (https://plural.world/) In: Pluralism in Digital Communities–September 2018 Report Interviews and Analysis Participants: Emily Bitze, Jessa Lingel, Geert Lovink, Karl Schroeder, Alexandra Stiver, Clare Sullivan, Violette Suquet Analysis by Christophe Bruchansky & Shane Saunderson Christophe Bruchansky: In your 2016 book Social Media Abyss: Critical Internet Cultures and [...]

MoneyLab considers interventions in and experiments with digital economy.

Documentation of Flying Money online

In May 2018 the Institute of Network Cultures co-organized the Flying Money Conference together with the city of Amsterdam. This European conference had a unique nature and scope. It brought people together from a wide range of backgrounds –  civil servants, scientists, engineers, journalists,  artists, bankers and entrepreneurs – to discuss topics related to the [...]