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We, the Doers – Fiverr’s Entrepreneurial Populism and a 3-Days Workweek

Fiverr, the online marketplace that connects freelancers to the "lean entrepreneur", recently launched a new campaign under the hashtag #InDoersWeTrust. The accompanying commercial features the lives of some of these doers. They make Skype calls with the other side of the world ("Ni Hao Ma") from a restroom, they unremittingly pitch their business to family, Read the rest

Proof of Work, a research blog by Max Dovey.

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Why I became a paying labour party member (again)

I have joined the Labour party. I have joined the labour party for a few reasons – one of them is that I am one of 900,000 uk nationals living abroad who face uncertainty in their international status when leaving the E.U. The labour international consistency has 2,400 members and half of them are based [...]

MoneyLab#3: Failing Better

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Unpacking Micropayments Part 1: Lightning, Scalability, and Going Off-Chain

“…we believe that a third web is coming. The first was the World Wide Web of documents, with hyperlinks between nodes. The second was the Social Web, with links between nodes representing friend relationships. And the third is the Machine-Payable Web, where the links between nodes represent payments between machines. Why would such a web [...]

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Book Launch Playful Mapping in the Digital Age

Monday 13th of March, 17:00 – 18:15 @Spui25, Amsterdam. With keynote lectures by Michiel de Lange and, Emma Fraser and Clancy Wilmott. From Mah-Jong to the introduction of Prussian war-games, through to the emergence of location-based play: maps and play share a long and diverse history. In this programme, we will launch the book Playful [...]

Een online toekomst voor kunst- en cultuurkritiek

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Edit This Post; a Collaborative Publishing Platform

Imagine twelve people lawlessly vocalizing their views on a dance performance; all expressing their varied opinions, ideas, inconveniences and questions in a hectic outbreak of dialogue. The scene would be utter chaos: distorted sounds of disagreement, agreement and discovery about the art they had just watch unfold. Now imagine those twelve people possessing the same [...]

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„Es geht ums Ganze, den Weltgeist!“ Interview über die Zukunft des Radioaktivismus

„Es geht ums Ganze, den Weltgeist!“  — Interview mit dem Netzkritiker Geert Lovink über die Zukunft des Radioaktivismus Von Martina Backes (iz3w) Radikal unabhängig zu sein vom Staat und vom Markt  – das war die Kernidee der Freien Radios. Nur so könne Pressefreiheit realisiert und die Medien der Kontrolle der Herrschenden entzogen werden. Wir sprachen mit [...]

From Cryptowars to Lessons of Love: Contesting Capture Technology

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Against A Calculated Life: How to Overcome the Privacy Worldview

Originally published in  Please Come Back: The World As Prison?  By Patricia de Vries and Geert Lovink From the high peaks of intellectual arrogance, one can have the clarity to see the world falling apart. (From down here, from the viewpoint of our trivial, illegible, chaotic realities: we salute them.) _Valeria Luiselli Bruno Latour famously [...]

Video Vortex XI — Video in Flux: Art, Activism & Archives

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VideoVortext XI: Three posters


Fear and Loathing of the Online Self: a savage journey into the heart of digital cultures.

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Call for Participation

Fear and Loathing of the Online Self A SAVAGE JOURNEY INTO THE HEART OF DIGITAL CULTURES Call for Participation Conference, Rome, May 22-23, 2017 We would like to invite artists and researchers to submit proposals to join this event hosted by John Cabot University and Università degli Studi RomaTre in Rome, and organized in collaboration [...]

A blog by Sebastian Olma.

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Populism and Its Hidden Allies

1. The Collapse of the Left As the world holds its breath in the hope of surviving the first weeks and months of the Trump presidency, it is high time to start a political debate that is on par with the gravity of our current debacle. The American political system has been handed to an [...]