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Towards an Incoherent Refusal of Efficiency by Lídia Pereira

This contribution by Lídia Pereira is part of the special issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine on the Entreprecariat. Read it here and download it for free as PDF or EPUB. “efficient (adj.) 1. (of a system or machine) achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. 2. (of a person) working in Read the rest

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‘Fictiocracy: Media and Politics in the Age of Storytelling’ – new Longform by Davide Banis

In times of fake news and post-truth politics, the internet acts as catalyst, multiplying the impact of falsities and further blurring the boundary between fact and fiction. In this longform Davide Banis asked himself how to make sense of the relationship between any representational media and reality. And…what is ‘fictiocracy’? We proudly present our latest [...]

Art, Work, and Identity in an Age of Planetary-Scale Computation

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Crypto Design at Aksioma in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Crypto Design Workshop and Lectures at Aksioma Curated by the Institute of Network Cultures (NL) More detailed information can be found at aksioma.org/cryptodesign 6-7 March 2018 ALUO – Department for Visual Communication Dolenjska 83, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Rooms 118 and 311 The aim of the Crypto Design Workshop is to “go diving” into the Deep [...]

The Art of Criticism: A European Network for Experiments in Art Criticism

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The Art of Criticism in Brussels 4 – 9 May 2018

By Sonja van der Valk Last November we talked about common projects and, with some beers in our hands, we decided to bring some of us together during the Kunstenfestivaldesarts (KFDA) in Brussels, May 2018. This much I can tell you, it is going to happen. Axel Andersson (Kritiklabbet), Wouter Hillaert (rekto:verso), and Daphne Rieken [...]

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Geert Lovink-Social Media Abyss: The Turkish Translation

Download as PDF I am proud to announce the publication of my first book in Turkish. The original edition of Social Media Abyss appeared in May 2016 with Polity Press, simultaneous with the Italian translation (EGEA Bocconi), which was followed by the German edition (Transcript Verlag, 2017). Chinese and Spanish translations will come out later [...]

MoneyLab#3: Failing Better

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Presenting MoneyLab Reader 2 & Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain

Creative Visions for Blockchain and Digital Economy 22 February 2018 5 pm – 6:30 pm Spui25, Amsterdam Reserve a spot here. In this event, we launch ‘MoneyLab Reader 2: Overcoming the Hype‘ and present ‘Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain‘. Both publications explore alternative imaginaries for future finance and a crypto-infused world. The editors of both publications [...]

Future of publishing

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Collected essays on post-digital publishing practices

For those who read Brazilian Portuguese, check out this newly published collection of essays on post-digital practices in the arts and cultures, edited by Pablo Gobira & Tadeus Mucelli: Configurações do pós-digital: Arte e cultura tecnológicas. The collection features translated articles by both the INC and PublishingLab: Miriam Rasch wrote about the concept of Hybrid [...]