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Call for articles: Geoblocking and Global Video Culture (Edited by Ramon Lobato and James Meese)

IP address-based blocking (geoblocking), which restricts access to online content based on a user’s location, has become a popular strategy for managing digital media flows and maintaining separation of national markets. A diverse array of online video platforms – from YouTube and Netflix to BBC iPlayer, Telemundo and MTV Asia – use geoblocking to filter [...]

Articulate the resonances and dissonances between performing arts and computer science.

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Renaissance: Everything is connected

Recently I had the privilege to be taken on a guided tour of the ArtScience Museum in Singapore by Honor Harger – the recently appointed executive director. Honor Harger is a curator and artist originally from New Zealand, who has particular interest in artistic uses of new technologies. It was fortuitous moment in time to [...]

Rosa Menkman

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Lorna Mills: Abrupt Diplomat at Transmediale 2k15

A little write up of tonights opening conversation between Kristoffer Gansing, the artistic director of the Transmediale and Lorna Mills on Abrupt Diplomat, a solo exhibition by Lorna Mills at the Canadian Embassy. _______ Kristoffer Gansing: Can you say a bit more about the animated gif and its role in online cultures? Lorna Mills: Well, [...]

In what way can a platform be created with new tools for open source-publishing?

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A leap into the future of (digital) reading

On the past event Showcases Digital Publishing Toolkit I read the following text: The Canadian mediatheorist Marshall McLuhan said in his famous Playboy interview in 1969: ‘Most people, as I indicated, still cling to what I call the rearview-mirror view of their world. By this I mean to say that because of the invisibility of any environment during the period [...]

Coining Alternatives

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One Chain to Rule Them All

by Eduard de Jong In the wake of the Bitcoin phenomenon, the term “block chain,” which describes a critical, technical aspect of the Bitcoin payment system, is presented by Bitcoin adherents as a technical innovation on par with the invention of the transistor, accrediting it with a similar scope of fundamental change in society. This [...]

MyCreativity Sweatshop: A reality check on the creative industries.

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Review of Iedereen een Kunstenaar by Ruben Jacobs

In Iedereen een Kunstenaar (Everybody an Artist), Ruben Jacobs takes a look at the history of the idea of authenticity, tracing it all the way back to Rousseau’s Romanticism. The reason for his exploration is the seemingly paradoxical incorporation of creativity and authenticity in capitalism in recent years. That the creative industries are celebrated as [...]

Online video and the moving image.

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Video Vortex #10: Art, Activism & Archives – 31.10 – 1.11 in Istanbul

Video Vortex #10:  Art, Activism & Archives  Round Table , Talks, Discussions & Screenings 31 October & 1 November in Istanbul Archive Bootcamp 3 & 4 November in Ankara Video Vortex #10 opens on Friday October 31 at Salt Beyoglu with a film program showing Natalie Bookchin’s Long Story Short, Rabih Mrouré’s Pixelated Revolution and Peter Snowdon’s The Uprising. [...]