Fear and Loathing of the Online Self: a savage journey into the heart of digital cultures.

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RaiNews reporting on Fear and Loathing of the Online Self

Click here to read The Anonymous mask and the selfies of Isis (in Italian) by RaiNews including interviews with Biella Coleman and Geert Lovink.

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Interview with Oliver Vodeb (Memefest) on the Addictive Power of Memes Today

Like waking up from a bad dream, I asked myself how the ‘Final Solution of the Meme Question’ could run its course. Memes are haunting us. Everyone talks about them. The survival of our planet seems to depend on our critical understanding of meme design. There’s currently an interesting thread on the nettime mailinglist about [...]

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INC proudly presents the digital version of The Riddle of the Real City

While usually working with publication series, to insure a speedy and professional production process for both print a digital books, the INC also collaborates on experimental publishing projects that try to reach, understand, or even defy the limit of what a digital publication can be and do. One such project is our collaboration with 1001 [...]

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Seizing the Means of Innovation – Notes from Oslo

Last week I was in Oslo for a visit to the latest residency organized by PRAKSIS, a not-for-profit organization focused on developing creative practices. Conceived by "Famous New Media Artist" Jeremy Bailey and entitled The Artist Entrepreneur, the residency was an opportunity to critically tackle the adoption of the means of startup culture and venture Read the rest

From Cryptowars to Lessons of Love: Contesting Capture Technology

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Surveillance Porn Bingo

SURVEILLANCE PORN BINGO can be played at a conference, Summer or Winter School, lecture, panel discussion, or any other event on internet surveillance & control. The SURVEILLANCE PORN BINGO card can also be used while reading a book or an article on internet surveillance, or during a (bar) discussion with friends or colleagues on surveillance related [...]

Video Vortex XI — Video in Flux: Art, Activism & Archives

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Presence + Polarization: Natalie Bookchin’s Portraits of America

By Eden Osucha [This interview originally appeared in The Chart] In advance of a screening of her work at Portland’s SPACE Gallery, I interviewed internationally acclaimed New York-based artist Natalie Bookchin about her films Long Story Short (2016) and Now he’s out in public and everyone can see (2017). Bookchin’s extensive body of installation and [...]