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Sei mesi di astinenza da Facebook

Sei mesi di astinenza da Facebook. Nel senso che per sei mesi non ho pubblicato nulla, se non in maniera per così dire omeopatica, ovvero attraverso la pagina che gestisco (i cui follower si contano sulle dita e il cui unico commentatore è un mio amico d’infanzia). A dire il vero avevo già sfrondato radicalmente Read the rest


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The Collective Turn in Finance: On Commonfare and Social Wallet by Letizia Chiappini

You must be very strong to love solitude; you have to have good legs and a resistance out of the ordinary; you should not risk colds, flu and sore throat; you should not fear robbers or murderers; if you have to walk throughout the afternoon or maybe all night you must do it without realizing [...]

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Out now: Disruption des Journalismus

Today, public interest in journalism seems greater than ever. Buzzwords such as ‘fake news’ or ‘click bait’ indicate that we are dealing with a polarising political issue. Anyone who dares to investigate journalism in this intensified situation also wants to better understand the world in which we are living. After all, journalists play a decisive [...]

Art, Work, and Identity in an Age of Planetary-Scale Computation

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Crypto Design exhibition in Cyprus – the pictures

Between 10 March and 7 April of 2018, the Crypto Design exhibition traveled to NeMe gallery in Limassol, Cyprus. Here are some of the pictures of the show: Patricia de Vries gave a presentation at the opening of the exhibition: And a video of the show is available here: New Imaginaries for Crypto Design from [...]

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Just Out: Organization after Social Media by Geert Lovink and Ned Rossiter

Download as PDF Exploring the politics of networks through and beyond social media Organized networks are an alternative to the social media logic of weak links and their secretive economy of data mining. They put an end to freestyle friends, seeking forms of empowerment beyond the brief moment of joyful networking. This speculative manual calls [...]

From Cryptowars to Lessons of Love: Contesting Capture Technology

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De Flash Crash: het Monster in de Zwarte Doos

Dit essay verschijnt in Wijsgerig Perspectief. door Patricia de Vries Het is donderdag 6 mei 2010, twee over half drie ’s middags, wanneer er op de New York Stock Exchange iets ongekends geschiedt. De beursindex van de Verenigde Staten maakt zonder aanwijsbare reden met ongekende snelheid de diepste duik in zijn 114-jarig bestaan. In enkele [...]

The Art of Criticism: A European Network for Experiments in Art Criticism

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Cross Critique: Experiments in Art Criticism

A collaborative art critique residency took place at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels. For 5 days, 12 international critics, video- and sound artists worked together to re-invent classic forms of art criticism. Forget that dry black print on white paper and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing longreads and podcasts about La Plaza by El Conde de Torrefiel [...]