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Quantified Precarity by Phoebe Moore

This contribution by Dr. Phoebe Moore is part of the special issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine on the Entreprecariat. Read it here and download it for free as PDF or EPUB. An unstable matrix emerges with the rise of exploitative work contracts, digitalised management interfaces, and intensified tracking capacities which negatively impact working Read the rest

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#QUTGOODDATA – a workshop update

A contribution by Dr Kayleigh Hodgkinson-Murphy and Dr Angela Daly. The QUT Pathways to Ethical Data project combines the interdisciplinary expertise of Dr Angela Daly, Dr Kate Devitt and Dr Monique Mann, assisted by Dr Kayleigh Hodgkinson-Murphy, to investigate and promote ethical data practices & initiatives, towards a fair and just digital economy. The team [...]

MoneyLab#3: Failing Better

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MoneyLab#4 Program announced!

MoneyLab: Art, Culture and Financial Activism 10.00-18.00 Saturday 20 January 2018 River Rooms, New Wing Somerset House, London Full day £15.00/ £12.00 conc Buy tickets here A day-long programme of workshops, discussions and artistic experimentation exploring the relationship between financial technologies, artistic practice and contemporary culture. MoneyLab is a programme of critical research and artistic [...]

Art, Work, and Identity in an Age of Planetary-Scale Computation

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Open Call for works

Open Call for works State Machines is a programme of activities devoted to the investigation of new relationships between states, citizens and the stateless made possible by emerging technologies. Focussing on how such technologies impact identity and citizenship, digital labour and finance, the project joins five experienced partners – Aksioma (Slovenia), Drugo More (Croatia), Furtherfield [...]

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NXS Interview with Geert Lovink: Defining the Synthetic Self

Download as PDF Unpacking Geert Lovink’s Library, or: Defining the Synthetic Self (for NXS #2, Amsterdam, November 2017) Buy this cool paper publication here: http://nxsworld.bigcartel.com/product/nxs-issue-2-synthetic-selves In order to investigate this issue’s theme of the Synthetic Self Geert Lovink was an obvious choice to provide us with the relevant theoretical background. Indeed, Lovink, who specialises in [...]

Future of publishing

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Collected essays on post-digital publishing practices

For those who read Brazilian Portuguese, check out this newly published collection of essays on post-digital practices in the arts and cultures, edited by Pablo Gobira & Tadeus Mucelli: Configurações do pós-digital: Arte e cultura tecnológicas. The collection features translated articles by both the INC and PublishingLab: Miriam Rasch wrote about the concept of Hybrid [...]

The Art of Criticism: A European Network for Experiments in Art Criticism

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Publishing Against The Grain: a traveling exhibition that provides a space for reading, thinking, and conversing

Publishing Against the Grain is a new traveling exhibition that provides a space for reading, thinking, and conversing, where slowing down can become a form of intellectual resistance, organized and produced by Independent Curators International November 18  – January 29 | Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MoCAA) | Cape Town, South Africa January 19 [...]