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Report from Reinvent Money

“We are the Future, Jakob” Last weekend I found a new religion. At Erasmus Business School of Finance. It was there on Saturday 26 September I stumbled into a mass gathering of entrepreneurs, businessmen and financial tech professionals buzzing over how Bitcoin will change the world. The largely white male audience all shared a sense [...]

Updates from the INC

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Miriam Rasch over de toekomst van het boek

Op donderdag 1 oktober om 20.00 uur vindt in het OBA Theater de eerste van een serie van acht VPRO’s W.E.B. REVISITED avonden plaats, met deze keer onder andere INC’s Miriam Rasch te gast. Twintig jaar geleden had iedereen de mond vol over de ‘digitale revolutie’ die alles zou veranderen. Door de komst van internet [...]

Articulate the resonances and dissonances between performing arts and computer science.

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Guided by an atypical faerie tale landscape.

A decade ago referring to the conundrums the Imaginaria UK’s first digital arts prize brought along with it –  Ewan Morrison and Matthew Fuller on Metamute  noted that “In the cultural arena, there’s nothing quite like a prize to get people’s backs up…prizes never fail to set a well rehearsed communal tirade in motion – [...]

net critique blog by Geert Lovink

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Interview with Geert Lovink on Social Media & the Arts

Max Ryan is an RCA student researching the use of feedback and social media in arts institutions. Max Ryan: How do you think museums and institutions borrow from the stack or from the defunct Web 2.0? Is this beneficial to their critical positions? Geert Lovink: Most museums have now woken up and their marketing departments [...]

In what way can a platform be created with new tools for open source-publishing?

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A leap into the future of (digital) reading

On the past event Showcases Digital Publishing Toolkit I read the following text: The Canadian mediatheorist Marshall McLuhan said in his famous Playboy interview in 1969: ‘Most people, as I indicated, still cling to what I call the rearview-mirror view of their world. By this I mean to say that because of the invisibility of any environment during the period [...]