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Out now: Internet on the Outstation, Theory on Demand #19

Internet on the Outstation provides a new take on the digital divide. Why do whole communities choose to go without the internet when the infrastructure for access is in place? Through an in-depth exploration of the digital practices occurring in Aboriginal households in remote central Australia, the authors address both the dynamics of internet adoption [...]

MoneyLab#3: Failing Better

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Matthew Slater on scaling trust with Credit Commons, Part 2

By: Bruno Chies Interview conducted on 29 May 2016, Paris, France. Part 2 of 2. Find part 1 here. BC: Let me go back to complementary and alternative currencies. Do you mean they are a way to empower people directly on a local level? MS: If they would work, they would empower people. But they [...]

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Edit this post: collaborative publishing door middel van Etherpad

Door: Dylan Degeling Lasse van den Bosch Christensen en Marlon Harder van visual communication studio Template verzorgen de workshop Edit This Post: Collaborative Publishing. Na een korte introductie van de hosts maken we met een groep van 13 personen kennis met het document waar we samen aan gaan werken, en de software die daarachter schuil [...]

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Interview for La Repubblica on the Politics of Crypto-Currencies

E-mail Interview with Geert Lovink By Francesca De Benedetti For la Repubblica, published on June 12, 2016, original full version in English here: Francesca De Benedetti: Why did you decide to create MoneyLab? Do you think “economies of dissent” are a fundamental issue to research? Geert Lovink: Our international network initiative MoneyLab, which brings together [...]

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PODCAST | #1 Josh Citarella, UV Production House

The first episode of the Post-Digital Podcast is an interview with artist Josh Citarella. On 2 June 2016 I talked with him about his project UV Production House that is a collaboration with Brad Troemel. Ultra Violet Production House is an Etsy store that provides the buyer, or collector, with material kits and a fabrication guide for [...]