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Out now: The New Aesthetic and Art, Theory on Demand #20

The New Aesthetic and Art: Constellations of the Postdigital is an interdisciplinary analysis focusing on new digital phenomena at the intersections of theory and contemporary art. Asserting the unique character of New Aesthetic objects, Contreras-Koterbay and Mirocha trace the origins of the New Aesthetic in visual arts, design, and software, find its presence resonating in [...]

MoneyLab#3: Failing Better

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­Blockchain & Bureaucracy

­ Report from ‘blockchain for social good‘ workshop at European Commission in June 2016 On 21st June the Digital Single Market Council (a division of EU parliament) invited the full cavalry of blockchain and bitcoin advocates to Brussels to discuss the future of distributed ledger technology (DLT). The room was packed full of entrepreneurs, business [...]

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Weaving the Web: Interview with Sebastian Giesmann

Just published in the Spring 2016 edition of Necsus, European Journal for Media Studies: A philosophy of weaving the web: An interview with German media theorist Sebastian Giessmann by Geert Lovink Unlike predictions, ‘networks’ are on their way out. The reason for this is the unprecedented concentration of money, power, and infrastructures in the hands [...]

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INTERVIEW | Lindsay Howard, Temporary Highs

I am slightly anxious to post this interview on my blog. My questions could have been sharper, I wonder if Lindsay will be okay with the interview, and hope that it gets more than 7 likes on Facebook. Is anyone going to read it anyway? At the same time, I am very happy that I [...]

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Edit this post: collaborative publishing door middel van Etherpad

Door: Dylan Degeling Lasse van den Bosch Christensen en Marlon Harder van visual communication studio Template verzorgen de workshop Edit This Post: Collaborative Publishing. Na een korte introductie van de hosts maken we met een groep van 13 personen kennis met het document waar we samen aan gaan werken, en de software die daarachter schuil [...]