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SIGNALS – an Exhibition of the Snowden Files in Art, Media and Archives

SIGNALS – an Exhibition of the Snowden Files in Art, Media and Archives September 12-26, 2017 | DIAMONDPAPER Studio | Köpenicker Straße 96 | Berlin For more information see www.berlinergazette.de/signals SIGNALS is the first project to critically engage with artists responding to the NSA-files leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden. Considering the most relevant contexts in [...]

Art, Work, and Identity in an Age of Planetary-Scale Computation

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State Machines: art, work and identity in an age of planetary-scale computation

The Institute of Network Cultures is part of State Machines, featuring projects on art, work, and identity in an age of planetary-scale computation. Today, we live in a world where every time we turn on our smartphones, we are inextricably tied by data, laws and flowing bytes to different countries, in which every personal expression [...]

Fear and Loathing of the Online Self: a savage journey into the heart of digital cultures.

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Videos of Fear and Loathing of the Online Self

Videos of the lectures of the conference that was held last May in Rome (together with John Cabot University and Roma Tre University) are gradually coming in. Watch the first ones here. Including presentations by Biella Coleman, Franco Berardi, and Jodi Dean. Topics include online subjectivity theory, going behind and beyond the selfie, artistic practices [...]

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Notes on Mugtivism and Precarious Merchandising

Recently, I began to notice what could be called a trend, a series of coincidences, or simply the product of my carefully, yet unintentionally crafted filter bubble. I’m talking of a typology of merchandising (or merch-like products) created or tweaked to express precarious concerns in an antagonistic, ironic or illustrative way. In fact, I myself Read the rest

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Critique of Social Media–Interview with Geert Lovink (in Russian, for Coltra)

Original: https://www.colta.ru/articles/society/15900 Conducted via Skype by Dmitri Lebedev (August 31, 2017) Герт Ловинк: «Платформы типа Facebook — это трагический момент» Знаменитый теоретик соцсетей — о гибельной централизации платформ и о том, как нам искать спасение в локализме, замедлении и «цифровой тени» текст: Митя Лебедев 14 сентября в Екатеринбурге начнется IV Уральская индустриальная биеннале — центральное событие [...]

Future of publishing

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Theory on Demand: A Hands-on Approach to Learning How to Publish

By Inga Luchs After three months of working on publishing a manuscript, I understood that today in the Digital Age, publishing is not reserved to traditional publishing houses anymore but, to the opposite, it can be achieved by anybody, with a few digital tools, a carefully curated workflow, and only small experience in coding required. [...]