Precariat * Entreprecariat * Projectariat * Cybertariat * Cognitariat * Affectariat

From March 15 to 18, 2024, I was in Pirot (Serbia) to contribute to a seminar about international artist cooperatives organized by ULUS, the Serbian Association of Visual Artists. I was invited to run the diagnostics of precarity among art workers, as a common base understanding that can inform the process of establishing an international artists cooperative in former Yugoslavia. You can watch back my lecture, titled ‘Precariat * Entreprecariat * Projectariat * Cybertariat * Cognitariat * Affectariat: On the Organization of Artists in Permacrisis’, here:

This seminar was part of the larger project ‘Shared Visions: The First Artists Cooperative in the Western Balkans’.
The Mondriaan Fonds generously supported my stay in Serbia.