Can a critic become a developer?

Hybridisation in the (digital) publishing work flow, by Fabiola Fortuna

Can a critic, or a humanist, become a developer? This question was brought to me some weeks ago by Sonja van der Valk (Domain for Art Criticism). My reply? Yes, surely. The necessary condition to do this – next to passion, of course – is having an open mind, not separating disciplines that at first glance might look different but can be of interest to each other, and adopting a method which merges humanistic mind sets with web developing skills. Discovering this universe not too long ago, to me it is the only way to proceed with projects that involve both humanistic material and digital tools. Digital humanities taught me that humanistic knowledge and digital technologies are not incompatible, separate or inconsistent to one another – better yet the combination of these two can generate something quite innovative, effective and meaningful for both fields.

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