Publishing Against The Grain: a traveling exhibition that provides a space for reading, thinking, and conversing

Publishing Against the Grain is a new traveling exhibition that provides a space for reading, thinking, and conversing, where slowing down can become a form of intellectual resistance, organized and produced by Independent Curators International

November 18  – January 29 | Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MoCAA) | Cape Town, South Africa
January 19 – March 29 | Pitzer College Art Galleries | Claremont, CA, United States

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Publishing Against the Grain encourages discursive public participation, self-reflective investigation, and invites visitors to discover new perspectives while connecting differing and analogous spheres of contemporary art. It highlights the current state of publishing and art criticism as it exists in small journals, experimental publications, websites, and radio, as well as other innovative forms. It is organized around projects that connect theoretical, social, political, and aesthetic questions with a focus on community, whether understood in relation to a particular place, or defined in identitarian or diasporic terms. Included in the exhibition are print journals like Makhzin (Lebanon) and Pisegrama (Brazil), alongside more experimental forms like tranzit’s interactive Curatorial Dictionary (Hungary).

With contributions by Art Against Art (Germany) nominates: Post Capitalism: A Guide to our Future, Telematic Embrace, The Transhumanist Reader / Bisagra (Peru) nominates: ramona / Chimurenga (The Chronic / The Pan African Space Station) (South Africa) nominates: Glendora Review, Frank Talk, Third Text / Curatorial Dictionary (Hungary) nominates: / East of Borneo (United States) nominates: Artes Visuales / Exhausted Geographies (Pakistan) nominates: SCROLL / Fillip (Canada) nominates: Art-Language / Glänta (Sweden) nominates: Bidayat / Makhzin (United States / Lebanon) nominates: Souffles, Soufless-Anfas, Top Stories / Our Literal Speed (United States) nominates: Collective Actions / Pages (The Netherlands / Iran) nominates: Corrections and Clarifications, Counter-Signals / PISEAGRAMA (Brazil) nominates: Urbânia / Raking Leaves (Sri Lanka) nominates: Aar Paar / SALT. (United Kingdom) nominates: LIES / Start Journal (Uganda) nominates: Uganda Press Photo Award / Stationary (Hong Kong) nominates: Blackbird / Lenny Kwok / The Trans-African (Pan-African) nominates: African Cities Reader II: Mobilities & Fixtures / Tráfico Visual (Venezuela) nominates: Félix Suaz / White Fungus (Taiwan) nominates: Life Is A Rip Off