Symposium and closing party: Criticism in the Post

When? Saturday 2 June at 11:00 – late, Sunday 3 June at. 11:00 – 14:00.
Where? MDT, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

For almost two years, Kritiklabbet has explored the future of criticism in the post-digital public sphere, together with researchers, critics, politicians, officials, artists and many others. Now they finish their work with a two day symposium at MDT, Skeppsholmen, Stockholm. You are most welcome!

The theme of the event is the critical potential of the old-fashioned letter in the future public sphere. Is a new republic of letters possible? And if so, on what premises? The doors open at 11:00 on Saturday and the event continue until late in the evening. The time is filled with readings, discussion, food, drinks, parties and dancing. A panel with invited guests will also meet in a discussion with the title ‘Who takes responsibility for the criticism?’. On Sundays we meet again at 11:00 to 14:00 in order to discuss our impressions from Saturday. A detailed program is forthcoming.