The Economies of the Commons II conference critically examines the economics of on-line public domain and open access cultural resources, also known as the digital commons. While proponents praise these resources for their low-cost barriers, accessibility and collaborative structures, critics claim they undermine established (proprietary) production without offering a viable business strategy of their own.

Because the sustainability of open content resources remains unclear, this conference explores alternative revenue models and novel institutional structures that can fund and safeguard these materials. What new hybrid solutions for archiving, preserving and retrieval can both create viable markets and serve the public interest in a competitive global 21st century information economy? How should we restructure the economic frameworks in which content producers and cultural archives operate?

This event seeks to connect researchers, theorists, economists and activists in order to analyze the political economy of open content and its consequences for the cultural sector.

November 11 Pre-Conference Seminar: OVC Europe

PLENARY: Why does Open Video Matter? – Opening Session


Strand 1. CONTENT: Open Content and Public Broadcasting
Strand 2. TECHNOLOGY: Open Technology for Online Video Distribution


Strand 1. CONTENT: Towards a Manifesto for a European Coalition of Open Broadcasters
Strand 2. TECHNOLOGY: Towards an Open Infrastructure for Online Video Distribution

The Future of Open Video and Broadcasting – Plenary Closing Session

Conference: De Balie, Amsterdam, November 12/13, 2010

Themed Sessions:

Future of the Public Domain (evening session)
Future of the Public Domain (daytime session)
Critique of ‘the Free’
Open Content Tools and Technology
Materiality and Sustainability of Information, Knowledge, and Culture
Revenue Models