Conference Keynote Address

Charlotte Hess is Associate Dean for Research, Collections and Scholarly Communication at Syracuse University Library where she is an advocate and spokesperson for the knowledge commons, open access and the mindful collection, organization, distribution and preservation of the cultural and scholarly record. Before going to Syracuse in 2008, Hess was at the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Indiana University and the founder and director of the Digital Library of the Commons (1999-2008). She served on the Executive Council of the International Association for the Study of the Commons as the Information Officer 1997- 2009. Hess has written and lectured extensively on the knowledge commons and more recently on new commons. She has collaborated with Elinor Ostrom on works including “Private and Common Property Rights,” 2008. Encyclopedia of Law & Economics. E. Elgar. (abstract); “A Framework for Analyzing the Microbiological Commons.” 2007. International Social Science Journal 58(188):336-349; “Ideas, Facilities, and Artifacts: Information as a Common-Pool Resource” 2003. Law and Contemporary Problems 66(1-2) (article here) and their 2007 book, Understanding Knowledge as a Commons: From Theory to Practice. MIT Press.

Critique of the ‘Free and Open’

Yann Moulier Boutang, University of Technology of Compiègne and editor of Quarterly French Review MULTITUDES

Dymitri Kleiner is a software developer working on projects that investigate the political economy of the internet, and the ideal of workers’ self-organization of production as a form of class struggle. Born in the USSR, Dmytri grew up in Toronto and now lives in Berlin. He is a founder of the Telekommunisten Collective, which provides internet and telephone services, as well as undertakes artistic projects that explore the way communications technologies have social relations embedded within them, such as deadSwap (2009) and Thimbl (2010).

Nate Tkacz, Melbourne University

Pro-Active Archives

Sandra Fauconnier, Curator, Nederlands Instituut voor MediaKunst
Michael Murtaugh, writer, web designer, and creator of the Active Archives

Annelies Termeer (1981) is project coordinator at the Digital Presentation department of EYE Film Institute Netherlands. She joined EYE (then the Netherlands Filmmuseum) in 2008 in the Communication department and gradually shifted towards the web. She now manages several projects that open up EYE’s beautiful film collection online, for example Instant Cinema, Celluloid Remix and The Scene Machine. Before EYE, Termeer worked in film production, as press officer at the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) and as co-director of the Amsterdam Museum Night (n8). Besides her work at EYE, she occasionally writes freelance on new media, music and art. She holds an MA in Film Studies from the University of Amsterdam.

Thijs van Exel, Head of Communications, Kennisland. He is responsible for communications & positioning of Images for the Future and project manager for innovation showcases called ‘Pearls,’ where the focus is open content.

Public Debate: Future of the Public Domain in Europe

James Boyle, Duke Law School, author of The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind
Bas Savenije, Director General of the Dutch Royal Library, Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Lucie Guibault, assistant professor for copyright and intellectual property law, Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam, Europeana, and Communia

Simona Levi is a multidisciplinary artist born in Italy and established in Barcelona since 1990. She is the Director of Conservas, a cultural activity centre. Since 2000, she has directed the arts festival INn MOTION which takes place at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of the city of Barcelona.
She is an outstanding activist in European social movements in the area of free circulation of knowledge and the right to housing. She is also involved in several artistic and activist platforms. She is co-founder of EXGAE, a civil organization that defends from the abuses of the cultural industry trade groups.

Charlotte Hess, Syracuse University

Revenue Models

Eelco Ferwerda has been involved in electronic publishing since 1995. He joined Amsterdam University Press in 2002 as Publisher of Digital Products and is responsible for all digital publications. Before joining AUP, he worked in various new media subsidiaries at the former Dutch newspaper publisher PCM, lastly as Manager Business Development for PCM Interactive Media. Ferwerda is the Project Manager of OAPEN and leads the work on its Open Access Publication model. He received the Dutch SURFshare Open Access award in recognition of his work for OAPEN. He is also President of the recently established Association of European University Presses.

Harry Verwayen, Europeana Business Development Director
Jaromil, free software programmer, media artist and activist
Marco Sachy, Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics
Dolf Veenvliet, Blender 3D educator, & W3C certified web developer

Open Content, Tools and Technology

Peter B.Kaufman is president and executive producer of Intelligent Television in New York. Intelligent Television produces films, television, and video in close association with universities, museums, libraries, and archives and leading producers and directors worldwide. Intelligent Television’s consulting projects for cultural and educational institutions such as Creative Commons, the Library of Congress, and Sesame Workshop seek to broaden public access worldwide to audiovisual collections. Kaufman serves as co-chair of the JISC Film & Sound Think Tank; an expert consultant on access issues for the Library of Congress Division of Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound; and co-chair of the Copyright Committee of the Association of Moving Image Archivists. Previously, he served as associate director of Columbia University’s Center for New Media Teaching and Learning; director of strategic initiatives for Innodata Isogen; and president and publisher of TV Books, a company he founded and sold to television and film company Broadway Video.

Ben Moskowitch is the general coordinator of the Open Video Alliance, a group of organizations and individuals committed to creating and promoting open technologies, policies, and practices in online video. He is the director of the Open Video Conference and leads the iCommons video policy project.

Michael Dale, Open Media for Wikipedia

Materiality and Sustainability of Culture

Jeff Ubois, counselor on personal archiving for Fujitsu Labs of America in Sunnyvale, California, and to video archiving for Intelligent Television and Thirteen/WNET in New York.
Inge Angevaare, Koninklijke Bibliotheek and Netherlands Coalition for Digital Preservation
Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard, Director of Development at the State and University Library in Aarhus, Denmark