Back from Oslo and more

I have been silent over the past month or so. Last week I had a deadline for the first draft of my upcoming book, right now entitled Unlike Us, that Polity Press is going to publish later on in the year. In order to speed things up we agreed that I submit a first draft. While working I discovered that the book was already much further developed than I originally thought. I am  95% done now and stopped at 70.000 words. I consider this book 4 in my ongoing studies on critical internet culture, after Dark Fiber, My First Recession and Zero Comments. I will further work on the manuscript until mid April when the final draft is scheduled to be delivered. Here you can already see the table of content:

Introduction: Capturing Web 2.0 Before its Disappearance

Psychopathology of Information Overload

Facebook, Anonymity and the Crisis of the Multiple Self

Treatise on Comment Culture

Disquisition on Internet Criticism

Media Studies – Diagnostics of a Failed Merger

Society of the Query: The Googlization of our Lives

Online Video Aesthetics or the Art of Watching Databases

Blog Theory after the Hype

Three Blogospheres: Germany, France, Iraq

Radio after Radio: From Pirate to Internet Experiments

Techno-Politics at Wikileaks

Organizing Networks in Culture and Politics

Also last week I went to Oslo to give a lecture plus master class at the media and communication department of the University of Oslo. If you read Norwegian, here is an interview with me in Klassenkampen. In advance, a piece I wrote in 2009 called Standards for All was translated into Norwegian and published in the Dagbladet of Friday January 28, 2011. Thanks Taina and Trine for making it happen!