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Notes for 1.1 beta testersttrottxtI¨ä¶A-€¶KÁómBIN‚…Sorenson Broadcasterª 1.1 Beta Tester Notes
Copyright 2000 Sorenson Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

This information may be useful to you if you participated in the Sorenson Broadcaster 1.1 beta-testing program.

Preferences from beta versions of Sorenson Broadcaster 1.1 beginning with 1.1b8 will be respected by the final version of 1.1. Preferences from versions of 1.1 earlier than 1.1b7 will not be respected.

Sorenson Broadcaster 1.1 can read documents created with version 1.0 or with version 1.1b4 and later. We do not recommend using Sorenson Broadcaster 1.1 and then reverting to a beta version.

The last publicly-available beta version of 1.1 was 1.1b10.
Here is what has changed since then:
Some bugs were fixed.
Some operations were optimized.
The contents of the log were revised.
The supporting documentation was revised.
The set of acceptable serial numbers was revised.
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