New Media, Art and Science

Explorations beyond the Official Discourse

Tactical Media, the Second Decade

Preface to the Brazilian Submidialogia publication

Dawn of the Organized Networks

Written for Fibreculture Journal 5

Netwerken of Niet-werken?

Hogeschool van Amsterdam, lectoraat Interactieve Media, Openbare Les, uitgesproken op 24 februari 2005

Gibt es eine deutsche Medientheorie?

Ein Online-Dialog

Traum der Freien Kooperation

A Grammer of Free Cooperation

For the Free Cooperation Newspaper

Die Medienphilosophiedebatte

Für Lettre International

Notes on the State of Networking

For Make World #4 paper, February 2004

Rohrpost im Herbst

Oder das Schweigen der Medientheoretiker

Next Five Minutes: Konferenzbericht

Taktische Medientreff in Amsterdam

Reverse Engineering Freedom

The Revolution Will Be Metatagged

The Technology of News

For the Visual Power Project

A Virtual World is Possible

From Tactical Media to Digital Multitudes

Visit to Sarai New Media Centre

Dehli, October 2002

Tactical Media after 911

Intro for the Virtual Case Book



Beyond the Conceptual Wall

Answer to Trebor Scholz (see below)

Mapping the Limits of New Media

Contribution for Afterimage

Après le crash des « Dotcoms »

Multitudes, December 2002

A Ramble through Theories of Globalization


Nach dem Dotcom Crash

Neue Literature ber die Neue konomie

De technologie van het nieuws

Designing the Digital Commons

Autonomy Design

From Hope and Fear Set Free

The Rise and Fall of Dotcommania

"I have no opinion--and just continue shopping." Genc Greva

The New Actonomy

The Bandwidth Dilemma

Internet stagnation after Dotcom.mania

Report of the opening of Sarai

Sarai, the new media centre in Delhi, India

Disassociate Webdesign from Usability

a nielson critique

Amsterdam Public Digital Culture 2000

On the Contradictions Among Users Profiles (with Patrice Riemens)

Closed Networks in an Open Society (Plus Interview)


Sweet Erosions of E-mail

Ups and Downs on the Communication Front

The Importance of Meetspace

A Manual for Temporary Media Labs

Recent Futures: TAZ, Wired and the Internet

An Early History of 90s Cyberculture

921 Aftershock – a Taiwan Travelogue

Post-earthquack strategies of Independent Media

Network Criticism in Times of the e-Gold-rush

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Fragments of Network Criticism

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roast

Organizing Attention (with Matthew Fuller)

Bordercamp of the No One is Illegal Campaign

Report from the German-Polish Bordercamp, August 1999

War in the Age of Internet

Some thoughts and reports, Kosov@ Spring, 1999

Report of the Berlin Free Software Conference

Berlin Conference on Free Software: Wizards of OS

Ökonomie des Idealismus

Oekonomie des Idealimus Medienarbeit jenseits der Hermeneutik

De Economie van het Idealisme

Lezing gehouden in De Balie

DEF of Tactical Media (together with David Garcia)

Written for the Next Five Minutes 3 Catalogue

Design Beyond Design debat

Verslag van een avond in De Balie

Net.times, not Swatch Time

A Corporate Attempt to Set a New Time Standard

Mass Psychology of the Net

Ode to a Vanished Discipline

Network Fears and Desires

Some Strategies to Overcome the Malaise

Net Criticism 2.0

An Exchange with Ted Byfield

Albania: Culture after the Breakdown

Including Interviews with Edi Rama and Edi Muka. A Travelogue, June 1998

Radical Media Pragmatism

On Infowar, Hacktivism and Other Strategies

Digital City Establishes Itself

At the cross-road of liberty and politics The Amsterdam Digital City gets established by Geert Lovink

An Introduction to the Political Economy Debate

For the Hungarian Intermedia Bulldozer Reader

The Digital Manifesto

On Temporary Workspaces, August 1997

Virtuelle Staedte und ihre Bewohner

Einfuerung fuer das 'Virtual Cities'' Buch (Akademie 3000)