Interview with Lisa Parks

Out There: Exploring Satellite Awareness

Interview with Nomeda & Gediminas

Hacking Public Spaces in Vilnius — Politics of a new media space inside the Lietuva (soviet) cinema

Interview with Interview with Milton Mueller, part III

Trial and Error in Internet Governance — ICANN, WSIS and the making of a global civil society.

Interview with Jill Magid

Surveillance and Seduction — Surveillance, Performance, Self-Surveillance

Interview with Tjebbe van Tijen

Unbombing en de Ars Memoria

Interview with Jeanette Hofmann

Open Ends: Civil Society and Internet Governance. Interview with German policy expert, Jeanette Hofmann.

Interview with Lisa Nakamura

Race and Cyberspace

Interview with Ken Jordan

ASN: Reinventing Social Networks

Interview with Frank Hartmann

Dialogue on Media Philosophy. Discipline Design: The Rise of Media Philosophy An Email Exchange with Frank Hartmann (Vienna)

Interview with Stephen Marshall

Guerrilla News Network’s Digital Documentaries

Interview with Milton Mueller

Trail and Error in Internet Governance ICANN, WSIS and the making of a global civil society.

Interview with Anna Munster

Essays into Digital Aesthetics

Interview with Christoph Spehr

Science Fiction for the Multitudes

Interview with Wolfgang Ernst

Archive Rumblings

Interview with Janos Sugar


Interview with Michael Goldberg

Catching a Falling Knife

Interview with Thomas Frank

About One Market Under God

Interview with Neil Chenoweth

About his book Virtual Murdoch

Interview with Mieke Gerritzen

Browserdays and other Design ventures. Five Browserdays Later – An Interim Report

Interview with Micz Flor

Tactics of Streaming. Streaming media artist and activist

Interview with Doug Henwood

Finance and Economy After the Dotcom Crash

Interview with Charles Green

Art of Collaboration

Interview with Toshiya Ueno

Urban Techno Tribes and the Japanese Recession. Interview with Japanese Techno-Critic Toshiya Ueno

Interview with Peter Lunenfeld

Enemy of Nostalgia, Victim of the Present, Critic of the Future. Californian media theorist Peter Lunenfeld

Interview with Interview with Kevin Murray

Interview with Edi Muka August (2001 interview)

Tirana, Summer 2001. An Ungoing Exchange with Edi Muka

Interview with Ilya Eric Lee

E-mail exchange with Ilya Eric Lee, Taipei/Taiwan

Interview with Stefan Merten

Interview with Marleen Stikker

Oprichter Digitale Stad

Interview with Kathy Cleland

Australian new media curator

Interview with Shu Lea Chang

E-mail Exchange with Shu Lea Cheang

Interview with Mark Davis

Fear and Anxiety between the Generations. Culture Wars in Australia - and Elsewhere

Interview with Boris Groys

German Art Critic and Media Theorist

Interview with Catherine Lumby

"The Dichotomy of Pleasure and Power is Too Simple". Critiques on Contemporary Media Moralism

Interview with Edi Muka

Implosion, media and the arts in Albania. A series of interviews with Eduard Muka

Interview with Kodwo Eshun

"Everything was to be done. All the adventures are still there." A Speculative Dialogue with Kodwo Eshun

Interview with Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

In: Geert Lovink, Uncanny Networks, MIT Press 2003.

Interview with Frank Hartmann

Beyond the dualism of image and text. An interview with the Viennese media philosopher Frank Hartmann

Interview with Enthousiasme en kritiek van het interface design

Interview met Mieke Gerritzen

Interview with Marita Liulia

Art in the Age of the Mobile Phone - Text Messages from Finland

Interview with Calin Dan

SubReal and Romanian new media arts

Interview with Richard Stallman

Free Software guru — An interview with Richard Stallman Wizards of OS, Berlin

Interview with Andrej Mrackoviski

Andrej Mrackoviski: Winner of the Brower Competition 1999 Review + Interview

Interview with McKenzie Wark

Everyday Life, Third Nature and the Third Class. An Email Exchange With Australian media theorist McKenzie Wark

Interview with Jonathan Peizer

Ins and Outs of the Soros Internet Program in Former Eastern Europe. An E-Mail Exchange with Jonathan Peizer

Interview with Lev Manovich

Digital Constructivism: What Is European Software? An Exchange with Lev Manovich

Interview with Mongrel

National Heritage and the Natural Selection Search Engine

Interview with Paul Garrin

Interview with Joes Koppers

Winnaar eerste Browserdag

Interview with I/O/D

makers of the webstalker browser

Interview with Kuan-Hsing Chen

Politics and Cultural Studies in Interasia Interview with Kuan-Hsing Chen Taipei, december 20, 1997

Interview with Janos Sugar

Intermedia: The Dirty Digital Bauhaus — An e-mail interview with Janos Sugar (Budapest)

Interview with Toek (DFM – Radio 100)

autonome radio producer

Interview with Hartmut Winkler

The Computer: Medium or Calculating Machine? Geert Lovink meets Hartmut Winkler

Interview with Michael van Eeden

Ondergrondse verhalen uit De Digitale Stad

Interview with Ravi Sundaram

About the Brazilianization of India An Interview with Ravi Sundaram (Delhi)

Interview with Slavoj Zizek

Slovenian philosopher — Civil Society, Fanaticism, and Digital Reality

Interview with George Legrady

Interview with Tjebbe van Tijen (English version)

archivist, activist, media artist

Interview with Tjebbe van Tijen (Nederlanse versie)

archivaris, activist, media kunstenaar

Interview with Tjebbe van Tijen

Unbombing & Ars Memoria — An interview with Tjebbe van Tijen