Data Extraction, Materiality, and Agency

On March 9th at 10:15 online and at SPUI25 prominent artist-researcher Joana Moll opens up the In-Between Media: Hybrid Tactics in the Crisis Era conference with her lecture titled Data Extraction, Materiality, and Agency.

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In her opening talk of the conference, Moll will discuss the themes of her research more in-depth, and you will have the opportunity to learn more about the contemporary methods of claiming agency in the opaque maze of algorithmic governance.

Moll is a Catalan artist-researcher, based in Berlin and Barcelona. Her work investigates the materiality of digital platforms and puts out the challenge of hacking techno-capitalist narratives on surveillance systems, internet geopolitics, and ecological impacts.

16/2017 (2021) Photo: Paula Artés












Her past projects include:

Carbolytics (2022)

A web-based installation that “shows the average global volume of cookie traffic in real time and demonstrates how cookies parasitize user devices to extract not only personal data but also energy.”

Photo: Domen Pal









4004 (2021)

An online/physical exhibition tracing the exponential “growth of the microprocessor and the decline in both number and diversity of species.” It “explores the devastating, yet relatively unexamined, impact of technology on biodiversity.”

Photo: Eleni Parousi









And, The Hidden Life of an Amazon User (2019), an interactive installation addressing Amazon’s “unacknowledged but aggressive exploitation of their users, which is embedded at the core of the so-called internet companies’ business strategies.”

Photo: Domen Pal