Recordings and reports

Here you will find all the videos from the In-Between Media Conference: Hybrid Tactics in The Crisis Era. The event reports for each individual presentation are linked through the titles.

On March 9th Day 1 of the conference was hosted at SPUI25, the videos from this day are separated into 3 parts.

Part 1:

Introduction by Geert Lovink [3:05]

Data Extraction, Materiality, and Agency Lecture by Joana Moll [14:45]

Trends, Tactics and Aesthetics: The TikTok Limbo with Tina Kendall, Jordi Viader Guerrero and Agnieszka Wodzińska moderated by Dunja Nešović [59:54]

Part 2:

Practices of Streaming Resistance

Thresholds of Access, a conversation between Margarita Osipian and Karl Moubarak (The Hmm and Hackers & Designers) [2:55]

Digital Infrastructure Resilience and Weaponized Design, Cade Diehm [28:55]

UKRAiNATV, or: Introduction to Stream Art, Hybrid Togetherness and Virtual Politics, Roman Dziadkiewicz [51:33]

Round table talk with Cade Diehm, Roman Dziadkiewicz, and Karl Moubarak, moderated by Margarita Osipian [1:06:25]

Part 3:

From Tactics to Strategies

LURK: Jenga Computing and Precipice Workflow, Aymeric Mansoux [2:35] A Self-Hosting Guide, Lukas Engelhardt [37:44]

The Tactical Misuse of Online Platforms, Nick Briz [1:08:57]

On Tactical Video Archives, Donatella Della Ratta [1:37:13]

Day 2 of the conference was hosted at Framer Framed on March 10th, after a day filled with engaging expert sessions and illuminating workshops the conference came to an end with a plenary session aptly named Drawing Lessons Together. 

Expert Sessions

A Living Archive is also a Dying Archive, facilitated by Sofia Boschat-Thorez

Hybrid Intimacies: Linking Online and Offline, with Derk Over and Benjamin Pompe, facilitated by Daniela Tenenbaum


Emoji Proxies & Ghost Messengers by The Hmm and Hackers & Designers

A recording of the livestream segment of the Emoji Proxies workshop can be found here: 

Pop-Up Bridges: Quick and Dirty Live Streams by UKRAiNATV and #StreamArtStudio Crew

Small, Clumsy, and Intimate Devices for Awkward Hybrid Settings by Chaeyoung Kim and Erica Gargaglione (Master Experimental Publishing, Willem de Kooning Academy)

Plenary Closing Session

Archiving the Present keynote lecture by Mariana Lanari and Remco van Bladel [0:00]

Remote Login Is a Lot Like Astral Projection (Stories from XPUB) a lecture by Michael Murtaugh and members of XPUB [17:31]

Wrapping Up, Looking Ahead round table talk moderated by Sofia Boschat-Thorez [45:18]