Going Hybrid is a 24-month-long research project into the future of hybridity in the cultural field. Where will hybrid events take us? Which platforms are best practices for hosting a cultural event without Zoom fatigue? How can hybrid publications be developed, or even living archives, sharing these experimentally broadcasted events with a (potential) audience?

All of this is researched with a focus on a long-term vision of a high-quality, hybrid program, aiming to serve new and existing audiences after the Covid reset. We will develop tools, research (the use of) existing platforms, gather expertise and subsequently share this with the public through articles published here, presentations, a conference, and finally a publication to be published at the end of 2023.

The main partners for the research project are The Hmm, MU, Varia, Hackers & Designers, IMPAKT, Framer Framed, and Willem de Kooning Academie (Hogeschool Rotterdam).

Going Hybrid is supported by a RAAK-Mkb grant from the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA.

Visual identity by Frédérique Gagnon.


Institute of Network Cultures
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