Hybrid Futures: Drawing Lessons Together

March 10th, the second and final day of our In-Between Media: Hybrid Tactics in The Crisis Era conference will be closing with a plenary session at 16:00-17:30 titled Drawing Lessons Together. This will be held online and at Framer Framed.

Sign up for the Plenary Closing Session livestream or to attend in person here.

Full conference program available here.

The closing session will include the following lectures and finish with a round table talk.

Archiving the Present a lecture by Mariana Lanari and Remco van Bladel

Mariana and Remco will present recent projects in collaboration with de Appel, Casa do Povo, and Framer Framed. They’ll talk about mediation in cultural archives, considering physical collections and databases in relation to digital-born archives. They’ll also share their hybrid archiving methods, using site-specific installation to decompose, reinterpret and perform algorithms to redefine ontologies, draw models, project tools, and re-imagine the working environments of our future.

Catching Up in the Archive. Photo: Nicola Barrato.











Remote Login Is a Lot Like Astral Projection (Stories from XPUB) a lecture by Michael Murtaugh and members of XPUB

Etherpads, jitsi links, mailing lists, zulip threads, wiki pages. git repos, IRC rooms, bootleg libraries radio streams, code notebooks… As a program XPUB explores the technosocial implicancies of platforms and (digital tools) with a focus on Free/Libre, self-hosted, and feminist technologies. As with other educational institutions, lockdown raised the stakes and heightened our sensitivities to the impact of our infrastructural decisions, including the often rough edges between the promises of collective presence and the practical, social, embodied limitations. The presentation will be accompanied by an intervention with devices built during the workshop ‘Small, clumsy, and intimate devices for awkward hybrid settings’ facilitated by Chaeyoung Kim and Erica Gargaglione.


Wrapping Up, Looking Ahead, a round table talk moderated by Sofia Boschat-Thorez

Round table with the expert session leaders, workshop leaders, and speakers of the day, moderated by Sofia Boschat-Thorez.