Mumories at MU Hybrid Art House

Opening on the 5th of May, the exhibition “Hybrid Tales For Hybrid Times: 25 years of radical shapeshifting at MU” is featuring MUMORIES, an audio installation developed by the Living Archives group where visitors are invited to share their memories of MU. These memories are collected and form a living digital audio archive that can eventually be listened to on site but also online. The growing collection of MUMORIES made possible by this interface literally gives voice to the immaterial impact a cultural practice like MU’s has on visitors. As part of the research project Going Hybrid, we are zooming in on the question of how to make archives a living, breathing entity rather than a silent material collection of the past. This installation is an initial hybrid prototype around narrated memories of visitors, hence the name MUMORIES.

We understand a living archive as an interactive archive, where relationships and collaboration come from outside the walls of an institution. A living archive challenges normative and dominating classification systems, relating its parts with each other and forming stories around them. A living archive is generative, organic, ever-growing, shapeshifting, and subsequently slowly decaying.

MUMORIES website view

MUMORIES website view, screenshot

If you’d like to be a part of this growing and living archive, visit — If you haven’t been to MU, you can always opt for a prompt-driven interaction, as opposed to archive-driven. We look forward to hearing your MUMORIES.