When I Look Through My Browser Window I Can Feel the Fresh Air

From wildlife live streams, the iconic Windows XP Bliss wallpaper, to the afterlife of animals on the internet, nature is just a click away. Overly saturated and in full HD, or pixelated and lagging live streams, what kind of new meanings are formed in these nature representations and simulations? Networked image culture brings us closer to faraway landscapes, yet creating new distances to be bridged. More than found footage of pristine wilderness, the nature image is socially and technologically constructed. Bringing together artistic and discursive perspectives, you’re invited to experience nature safely behind the glass of your computer screens.

During the pandemic, everything has Gone Online – even nature?

When I Look Through My Browser Window I Can Feel the Fresh Air is an online discourse program during the new media arts festival CIVA (Contemporary Immersive Virtual Art). Through video essays, a workshop, guided walk, and a panel discussion it critically explores notions of browser-based nature. The program features contributions by Jean Baptiste Castel, Astrid Feringa, Benjamin Earl, Salvador Miranda, Deborah Mora, Théophile Blandet, Sylke van der Heiden, and Anna Fink – and is curated by me.

Under the title “Social Distancing – Virtual Bonding,” CIVA in 2021 explores the question of whether and how current technologies enable us to remain connected to each other on a virtual level in times of physical distancing or even to build new international networks and communities.

When I Look Through My Browser Window I Can Feel the Fresh Air

Date/time: Thursday February 25th 14.00–18.00 CET

14.00–15.15 CET Opening and Video Essays

15.15–16.00 CET Online Wildlife Watching Workshop

16.00–16.30 CET Break and Guided Walk

16.30–18.00 CET Panel: The Nature Image, On Production, Representation, and Networks

More info about the schedule via www.civa.at/timetable

Location: twitch.tv/civa_at

Image: still from ‘This is not the Amazon’ (2019) by Astrid Feringa and Jean Baptiste Castel.