About Maisa Imamović

Maisa Imamović is an Amsterdam-based writer, designer, and web-developer who likes to draw. She graduated from Gerrit Rietveld’s Architectural Design department in 2018. She also pursued the Full-Stack Web Development certificate at BSSA. Her main research interest is the island of boredom, and the impossibility to be bored. She studies trends, cliches, and conditions of honesty experienced by many. For her design practise she creates situations of doing nothing/cutting productivity to zero. Since her web-development journey, she has been observant of how programming languages program lifestyles through user experience. She was published in Kajet, Simulacrum, Forum, and INC (Institute of Network Cultures). How to Nothing was her first published longform, while Club-Wise is her most recent one. 

For more information visit http://maisaimamovic.eu/