Project partner ArtEZ launches new artistic research platform APRIA


The new journal and platform APRIA (ArtEZ Platform for Research Interventions of the Arts) has been launched! ArtEZ Press and ArtEZ Studium Generale have created this open access platform for ArtEZ University of the Arts for researchers, students and artists looking for depth within their own field and beyond.

APRIA Journal

The platform hosts the APRIA Journal. The journal will examine interventions of the arts in relation to science and society.

Every journal issue has its own theme. The first issue of APRIA Journal is Searching for the New Luxury?, which builds on the discussions that took place during the Fashion Colloquium of the same name last year. The contribution investigate how to move towards a fashion reality that addresses ethics, inclusivity and responsible consumerism in a more engaged way.

This journal issue includes contributions from, among others, Daniëlle Bruggeman, Pascale Gatzen, Sanne Karssenberg, Otto von Busch and Timotheus Vermeulen.

APRIA platform

In addition to the journal, individual contributions are also published on the platform, such as essays, podcasts, image essays and other publications that show that there is a wealth of knowledge and artistic research practices within the walls of ArtEZ.

Visit APRIA via