The fifth and last day of Post-Precarity Autumn Camp served to recollect the knowledge of the previous four days and motivate participants to apply it to their strategies of durable self-organization. In the morning, Sara Malou Strandvad held a lecture ‘A Criticism of the Cultural Sector’ in which she provided a sociological perspective on the structures of cultural and creative work. She analyzed contemporary neoliberal organization models that shape creative work which is often based on individual responsibility and entrepreneurial capability and is as such left without structural support. Complementary to that, Koen Bartijn of Platform BK held a workshop based on the concept of artistic biotope by Pascal Gielen. The artistic biotope takes into account the living environment of the artist which consists of domestic, peer, market and civil spheres and which need to be in balance in order to provide for a sustainable artistic practice. Participants had a chance to reflect on their own personal artistic biotopes and identify the factors that both enable and disable them to carry on their work in a healthy and harmonious way. This reflection represented a base for demands and manifestos they worked together on that call for improving the working conditions in the art sector. The camp concluded with a communal reflection of the past week and possible further pathways this initiative might take.