Art in Permacrisis #2: Emanuele Braga and Art for UBI

This is the second episode of Art in Permacrisis, a podcast on the organization of art workers in the face of the ever-growing stack of crises. How can artists make a living without selling their souls? Can we imagine and practice a sustainable art economy beyond precarity? How should we transform the circulation of artworks, the curriculum of art and design academies, the exhibition programs of museums, and the organization of collectives and unions? We invite speakers with combined backgrounds in art, theory, and organizing to share their insights.

For this episode, we talk to Emanuele Braga. Emanuele is an artist, researcher and activist. Over the past decades, he has been involved in many important grassroots initiatives, including MACAO, a center for art and Culture in Milan, and the Institute of Radical Imagination. This conversation focuses mostly on Art for Universal Basic Income (manifesto), which was produced by the Institute of Radical Imagination in 2022, and which was co-edited by Emanuele, together with Marco Baravalle and Gabriella Riccio. 


Art in Permacrisis is a podcast of the Institute of Network Cultures and Caradt. It is hosted by Candela Cubria and Sepp Eckenhaussen. Tech by Tommaso Campagna. Editing by Giulia Timis. 



Cover image: Art for UBI Terraforming, courtesy of Emanuele Braga

Art for UBI (Manifesto):

Art for UBI petition:

Institute of Radical Imagination:


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Gathering into the Maelstrom (part of Venice Biennale):



Art in Permacrisis is a collaboration between the Institute of Network Cultures and Caradt. It is part of the research program Our Creative Reset.  The podcast hosts are Candela Cubria and Sepp Eckenhaussen.