February 17th, 2022

For Issue 45, guest edited by Nancy Mauro-Flude, Runway Journal is excited to commission new works responding to the theme ᗩᔕEᗰIᑕ

“Highly wrought and so covered over with accretions of matter…hubble-bubble, swarm and chaos. We are peering over the edge of a cauldron in which fragments of all shapes and savours seem to simmer; now and again some vast form heaves itself up and seems about to haul itself out of chaos.”
– Virgina Woolf (1926)

“How it is made becomes a question not only for the poetics but also for the politics of letters…If poetics lays the groundwork for interpretation, we must acknowledge that today such grounds lie past the visible simulacrum of a digital page.”
– Dennis Tenen (2017) Plain text : the poetics of computation

The Internet could be a vast communal realm, a cauldron of happenings, a host for inexplicable asemic brews. Asemic writing is often illegible, vivid and open-ended; it has no fixed meaning — evidenced in the concrete poetry of Mallarmé, Luigi Serafini’s Codex Seraphinianus, the mystic abstractions of Hilma af Klint, or the unruly dynamics of pioneering net artists like Jodi.

A site where the rogue agent (artist/coder/reader/dancer/writer/poet/medium/.*/) is called to think not of communication, first and foremost, but rather performances with materialities in collaboration with the paraphernalia of writerly technologies. Veering away from linear and deterministic communication processes – thinking along the curvatures of a matrix – these sequences of poetic computation are a choreography of visceral compositions devised from algorithmic rituals. Where the kerning transpires in the cells, the blank spaces, the interstices between the letters and/or markings. This harbour of aesthetic ambiguity stretches across temporalities, enabling nuanced enunciations to flourish.

These textual processes may be understood as tacit extra-terrestrial languages that are meaningful, (especially) if not entirely assimilated into imperialist knowledge systems.

For Issue 45: ᗩᔕEᗰIᑕ Runway Journal is seeking proposals that respond to this theme. We are open to proposals that engage with the construction of meaning beyond formal syntax, beyond the norms of Internet culture.

Contributors will engage with asemic writing as a fertile repository for infinite imaginings, where obscure symbolic elements and indeterminate offerings give rise to wayward strategies that transmit us elsewhere.

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Deadline 12 March 2022 until midnight (any time planet Earth)
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σσOσσOσσOσσOσ Aʂҽɱιƈ σOσσOσσOσσOσ

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