Holistic Computing Aesthetics Network R&D exchanges functions as a reservoir of technical and poetical knowledge exploring the physical nature of radio, alternative energy, transmission and the future of wifi technologies The project comes from an urgency to address the current conditions in which power has shifted to the digital realm, and the responsibility we as artists, designers, researchers have to address these conditions. Promotes artistic, and experimental work in radio, telecommunications, including the internet and world wide web. An interdisciplinary network that facilitates the open exchange of ideas and collaborations, centring marginalised and underrepresented communities in technical innovations. Our mission is to create awareness of built-in obsolescence in media consumption, promote digital literacy through events that invite the public to creatively and critically engage with the communications tools and networks we use and participate in every day, while gaining access to the knowledge needed to modify and create our own tools and alternative infrastructures for community, experimentation. Projects include: Vvet n vvild vvifi.

vvitchvvavve neomaterial aesthetics inquiry : Evaluating the VVitchVVavve symposium amidst the paradigm of Post-Digital Aesthetics (PDA) it was found that prevalent attitudes to emergent technology do not go far enough in terms of critical value, and that, beyond and in parallel to these trends, a constructive agency toward the digital should be aesthetically sought out and is critically required, now and in the coming years, especially in the face of deep fakes, fake news, political polarisation and climate crisis. The desire for world-building rather than retreating or performing within digital spaces controlled and owned by third parties, turning away from the identity politics typified by Post-Internet-ism carries with it less focus on promoting selves (and followers), decrying corporate control of identity politics moves towards carving a space of engaged autonomy. Some of the reasons ‘neomateriality’ (Paul 2015) is proposed as a core framework for the evaluation of contemporary art forms came from developing upon the prerogative by Cramer (2013) as ‘under theorised, despite its obvious impact on contemporary culture…an outline of post-digital aesthetics that yet needs to be written.’ By surveying practitioners who adapt a critical approach to digital culture not commonly examined in Australia the event proved that PDA also needs further circulation and awareness by an examination of the paradigm thus far.

Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits: a series of events inspired by computer culture. Artists, programmers and thinkers from the frontline of the maker aesthetic. A durational event that included symposia, exhibition, performances, workshops and social gatherings. NAF:TMFC brought together leading Australian and International artists and educators whose work responds to the emergent conditions of a networked world; a realm increasingly transmitted through fiber and code. Early-career Tasmanian artists were invited to respond to the work and ideas generated through the project. Participants are encouraged to adopt a feminist and holistic approach to digital culture, using various aesthetic tools and means to explore systems that enable insightful experiences with our increasingly machine based and interconnected existence.


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