Despoina’s Media Coven facilitates feminist critical theory and experiential pedagogy in digital literacy and administers an autonomous web server. Our activities include: conversation pieces with ouija agents postdramatic theatre making, transcendental radio broadcasting, net.art consciousnesses raising sessions, somatic coaching. Our transmissions and events throughout our planetary archipelago foster artists and theorists to critically probe proprietary cultures, opening up computational hardware, moving closer to the elemental structure in order to understand them. Satellite members and associates come together to make, to exchange, to create fictions, in a bid to share strategies, nascent models of constructive critique, and predictions about emergent ways that we cannot quite foresee but tacitly sense. We are dancers, writers, artists, programmers, critical engineers, writers, curators and thinkers.

Home brewed since 2008, in the garage of Nancy Mauro-Flude, lutruwita (Tasmania).